Yamaha Wolverine Problems

Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955 in Japan. It is one of the leading automobile and marine product manufacturers in the global market. Wolverine is a 4*4 side-by-side released in 1995. It is a sporty and trendy utility ATV used for farm work, adventures, and on the trails.

Wolverine entered the market with a bang, making Yamaha a known name in many households. It had an engine similar to Kodiak and was a worthy all-terrain vehicle for multiple purposes. However, the manufacturer did not bring new models or trims for a long time. Yamaha Wolverine X2 was launched in 2017!

This lack of regular upgrades meant users faced various problems with the vehicle. From heating issues to noises and more, Yamaha Wolverine had many problems that required fixing. While the manufacturer managed to fix many of those in X2, some continue to persist.

Let’s find out the common Yamaha Wolverine problems and ways to rectify them.

Twelve Yamaha Wolverine Problems We Noticed

This article has various issues users face with Yamaha Wolverine. We also mention the issues that continue to persist in other models and variants of Wolverine. While each problem has a solution, we recommend talking to your mechanic for detailed advice.

Accelerating Issues

If you own Wolverine X4 and 350 4*4, you might have noticed rough acceleration. Dealers feel the throttling unresponsiveness is due to issues with lack of fuel, a loosened throttle cable, or even defective seatbelt sensors.

Experience shows that it is most likely due to lack of fuel (fuel starvation), though you need to rule out the other two options. Pay attention to the time it takes to start the Wolverine. Inspect the fuel line and butterfly on the choke first. Then, clean the air filters in the tank. Drain the fuel completely. Check the bottom of the tank for sediments. Clean the tank if necessary.

Compare the fuel pressure to ensure it matches the manufacturer’s recommendations. The service manual will have this information. Next, do a compression test to adjust the clutch and valves. Make sure everything is as it should be.

Too Much Cab Heat

Users say that the cab heats up in Wolverine X2. We agree with their assessments but not entirely. The cab heat isn’t too much or unbearable. If you find it uncomfortable, just add insulation in the tunnel of the doors. That should do the trick.

When heat builds up inside the cab, you might feel it near your right foot. While there could be some heat, it is not excess or intense. Thankfully, this problem is more of a rumor.

Glowing Exhaust

Well, this issue isn’t limited to the Wolverine line-up. All Yamaha ATVs have a glowing exhaust. The reasons vary, so we’ll focus on what could be the issue for Wolverine. A cogged exhaust is one reason. But first, check the lower throttle opening range. How is the fuel supply here?

Installing a fuel controller is a great way to prevent glowing exhaust. The fuel controller will moderate the amount of fuel sent to the throttle and moderate the temperature. Another easy solution is to wrap the exhaust header to reduce the temperature and prevent glowing.

Cracked Header Pipe

What happens when you have a glowing exhaust? The header pipe becomes weak and cracks due to excess heat. There are some ways to address this issue, though fixing it completely may not be possible (unless Yamaha gets rid of the glowing exhaust problem in its ATVs).

A ceramic costing inside and outside the header pipe will increase its durability. You can add a power commander (a fuel injection/ igniting timing system). While this is used to enhance engine performance, it regulates fuel supply in the system and can minimize the risk of a cracked header pipe.

Block the air induction system to prevent oxygen from reaching the engine. You can also attach positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve to allow filtered air into the crankcase in the right quantity (volume). One last method is to perform an ECU reflash where the ECU settings are remapped/ altered to calibrate the engine.

Water-Flooded Fuel Tank

It’s annoying when this happens, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the fuel tank in Yamaha Wolverine is prone to flooding no thanks to the rainwater that seeps through the gaps and cracks to reach the engine compartment. If the engine doesn’t start properly or stutters and halts after a rainy day, you know what the problem is. The only thing to do is drain the fuel tank completely and refill it. Try not to drive anywhere with a flooded fuel tank.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Owners of Wolverine R-Spec with a 708cc engine have a lot to say about this issue. The major trouble here is that you cannot spot an empty oil tank until it is too late. Initially, you’ll get false readings and won’t notice the extent of oil consumption. By the time you do, the oil tank will be empty.

The worst part is the near impossibility of finding the cause. Dealers haven’t been able to determine if this is because of a secret leakage or burning of more oil than what is necessary.

Parking Brake Jammed

So what if Wolverine has one of the best braking systems? The parking brake continues o get stuck in the most unexpected times. Don’t leave the parking brake on for long hours, especially overnight. Things get worse in colder conditions, so be doubly careful in winter.

But what if it still happens? You can rock the ATV a few times to release the jammed parking brake. Another way is to pull the brake cables manually until the parking brake is released. It sure would be less stressful to not use the parking brake when parking the vehicle at the end of the day.

EPS Trouble

Yamaha Wolverine has EPS or electronic power steering, which is undoubtedly a great feature. However, it tends to cause problems at times. An issue with EPS is almost always signified by erratic lights, especially if it is an electrical problem. We noticed that this problem arises in colder weather conditions. The use of Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) doesn’t seem to have rectified the problem.

When such a situation takes place, you need to confirm that EPS failed due to an electrical issue and not any other reason. Look for loose or unconnected cables/ wires and corrosion. Once you make out where the problem lies, it is easy to fix. If the connections appear perfect, a visit to the mechanic would help.

Riding Discomfort

Driving at 2-3 mph on rugged terrains can hurt your foot on the gas pedal. Just place a small block of wood in front of the pedal to raise the foot heel to a comfortable angle.

Even the braking system is a bit uncomfortable because you have to lift your foot off the floor to place it on the brake pedal. Try raising the footpeg and moving the brake lever by about ¾ inches. Strange how Yamaha didn’t check these minor discomforts during testing.

Seating Position

This isn’t an issue for everyone. You’ll find the seating tight only if you are tall or have a bigger body frame. The cab feels a bit cramped in older models. Yamaha sorted this issue in X3 and X4 by using three-way adjustable front seats and sliding rear seats to create more leg space inside the cab.

Not Enough Heat from the Heater

Heater issues are limited to Wolverine X2. All other models have competent heaters. So what is the problem with the heater? The stock thermostat starts to open at 154°F and fully opens at 180°F. However, it never crosses 170°F when the ATV is in use. This means that the heater doesn’t work to its full capacity because the thermostat hasn’t reached the point it should.

One way to push the thermostat is by blocking the radiator and insulating the hoses. Though it helps, this method doesn’t work when the temperatures fall below zero. The heater is not a problem if you own the basic Wolverine model or the latest X3 or X4 ones.

Worn-Out and Slippery Clutch

What happens when the clutch plates are worn-out? They don’t grip properly and tend to slip. Fortunately, Yamaha took care of this problem in the 2018 model by using Ultramatic CVT one-way Sprague clutch to sustain the clutch belt tension. For older models, replacing the worn-out clutch plates is the only solution.

Final Words

Despite the problems, Yamaha Wolverine and its latest models continue to be famous in the ATV quad category. Good engine performance, stylish design, and other attractive features make it a worthy vehicle for farmers, adventurers, and ranchers. You can minimize the risk of maintenance problems by taking good care of your Yamaha Wolverine.