Best Ski-Doo Trail Engine

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You want an RX – 1 engine and 4 – stroke if you can get that, they say, most of the time…. with snowmobile trailing, jet ski’s, RTVs or ATVS, and so much else. SO YES, but today, we’re talking specifically for the Ski – Doo, and with so many models and engines built into them, each unique from the others, it can get a little hard to pick out the ‘best’. But I want to take a closer look anyways just to see what you think. And maybe you can pick from there…..

So first of all, my great readers, I would like you all to just know that the Rotax, BRP engine is one of the best in the world = and that just so happens to be one of the central ones that Ski – Doo uses across its many snow mobiles and other snow – craft, all in all. So we are off to a good start there in saying that the Rotax engine is the best around, according to many who hold this view ( for me, it’s one of the best, no doubt, though I’m not totally sure if I can point out a single best one as there as many ‘greats’ out there, he he he heh ) . This engine, anyways, has got a strong delivery of power that you can feel right off the bat, even as you crank on and crank up…. you hear it and feel it, feel the power, baby! Ooh, yeah… and it feels pretty frickin’ good. He heh.

It’s a leader in fuel economy, as well, and is, all in all, undoubtedly reliable. It boasts of —- and get this, too — a highly efficient utility strength. That’s how it’s mass – marketed, also, and rightly so. No fake marketing there. You get 180 horsepower or HP with these, most of the time, and not only that, but there is also a stellar TURBO – R 4 – STROKE with most. This is the kind of engine you want, taking you places, when you’re out and about on this high mountain tops, he he heh. This is where the real Kodak moments are born, if you ask me ( and I am sure you have seen all those inspiring Kodak commercials on TV before, right? No need to explain there, he heh…. I’m sure some have even brought some watery tears to your eyes, as I will admit, they have to mine ) .

There are also the 600 EFI engines, also of Rotax, which Ski – Doo also tends to use often in other models. These are also worth your time to browse online and can get nearly the same HP ( up to 85, not bad ) . These can mostly be 4 – stroke but I have seen a few cheaply customized to 2 – stroke. But you should pay more and get the full 4- stroke engine going. It’s worth it.