Sea-Doo Spark Mods

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

The impeller mod is one of the first that you both could and should think about here, and the reason why I say this is simply due to the plain fact that it is one of the easiest mods to put on, not to even mention one of the most popular, all in all. If you really want to go a little teeny bit faster, and I am a true knack for speed, he heh, as I like to say, then an impeller mod will provide that extra oomph and kick – charge things just a bit further….. you can notice your Spark going around 2 to 5 mph faster than before. And this may not seem like a whole lot, at first, or to the first – time rider, but believe me, every little bit really does count…. and I, for one, do notice the difference ( but I have been riding water – craft for a while, though, he he he heh…. hopefully you will be able to say the same one day as well, he heh ) , however subtle it may be.

You could go for an after – market impeller, as they call them, which will always cost you a bit. Yet all in all, try to get a new one and from a top brand, which will always list a higher ‘retail or asking’ price, that is my suggestion ( take it or leave it, ah hah ) . And the reason I say that is due to the fact that $300 is the typical cost you can pay to get a decent one, so do not sell yourself short —- we are talking about the life of your water – craft and truly upgrading with style. Do it right and pay more, if you can.

And when it comes right down to the real meat and potatoes, as I like to say ( and I am always nothing but honest with you guys, you know that by now ) , modifications are truly worth it, especially on a model like the Spark. Mods are a MUST, and next up, we have the intake grate sort of mod you ought also to think about with this. Get it yet?

If not, or you are still thinking long and hard on it, let me persuade you as to why you ought to give it another thought —- first of all, if you want to better accelerate as you hit those corners, then this upgrade is the one for you. A good one will also block out bad debris from getting into the intake while also filtering and processing water through it, all in all helping you keep moving forward in its own way. Neat, eh?

Also think about stage kit mods. These are for the serious of heart, of course. These are performance upgrades and they come in all shapes, sizes, models, brands, colors and whatever else — you name it!