Electric Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Let me tell you a bit, today, on the power of the electric go kart. IT is riveting. It is fast. It is exciting. It is worth every cent.

Now, one that I really like to toot my horn off to, so to speak, is one that deserves merit. It deserves attention. It deserves some praise. That one I speak of is right here —- the BSR Racing Kart Pro: Electric Racing Karts - Blue Shock Race Electric karts

What do I toot about so much, you may want to know? Why do I praise it? What can it do? Well, since you so kindly asked, as I assume you are as interested as I had been, let me tell you all that I can….

First of all, it has got a nicely homologated chassis that can work at BSR/Gillard 1050mm. And not only that but you will also ever - so - happily find that it gets up to 120 km per every hour. And to add to this, as well, there’s fiber - glass class seating for all shapes and sizes, along with it ( or should I say all shapes and sizes of butts? Hee heh he heh heh ) . Large to XXL sizes are all welcomed! For the battery that comes in it, it’s a 56Ah / 96V Li-Ion one, and not only that, this kart uses QBS ( QUICK - SWAP BATTERY SYSTEM, the famous one you have likely heard the word on ) .

And we are looking at a 50 mm rear axle here, nothing less. And to add to all this good factual info, may I also point out that the factory making this go kart is one of the most reputable in the profession? They have a long - standing record for making sweet electric go karts and also back up every promise they make, with some action —- and if you are not happy with what you got, just return it for what you had ( your full wad of money, of course ) …. and they do not appear to sneakily try to seduce you to buy from them more, or to not return your purchase if you really want to. They are honest. I, as a matter of fact, got to talk to their customer satisfaction team just the other day, last Friday…. and found such a lovely, pleasant, agreeable, amenicable voice in the compassionate lady who assisted me, on behalf of their crew. They were willing to refund an order on a part I had ordered from them, even after I noticed I had that part sitting in my garage so I did not need the extra one…. they asked no questions, sent my return - shipping box, and gave me every penny back.

Anyways, I bought an electric go kart from them, too. I still have it today and plan to use it much more. It is red with green, very nice to look at.