Sea-Doo Spark Vs Yamaha Ex

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Both of these jet ski’s soar. They take on the water like a mad shark going after its prey. They offer so many features and benefits, the best perhaps being that they are so dang cost – friendly and affordable while still offering so much. And there are, to only further add to the wonderful magic of it all, many unique things that each one offers that the other can not…. so when it comes right down to it all, how do you choose between one or between the other? Well, that is tough to do, at the end of the day, of course, so what I at least hope to do here is to open your eyes and mind to some facts and details to help YOU be the one to make the decision, based on what you think YOU want or need, from this…. so let us get started and please bring some popcorn as you read, and enjoy…..

First of all, I would like to spill the beans on the fact that the 2 models, when bought as new, both offer warranties to cover your ass in case anything should ever happen, fingers crossed. It’s a good thing to know, at the end of the day, and hopefully, you can breathe out just a bit easier. Peace of mind….. nothing like it.

Also, if you happen to own a dual or tandem trailer, know that BOTH of these models can be so easily loaded on to it as you do your business throughout. And in terms of dealer packages, based on wherever you should choose to shop from, both models ( as well as their bigger brands, that represent them, of course ) offer trailer + jet ski combo packages to help you get the most out of it all, so just ask around about it —- anyone who sells them can point you in the right direction, and usually, the more you bundle and buy, the more you save big in the long run. It just depends on how much moo – lah you would be able and open to putting down all at once, of course…. don’t break your wallet, but try to spend what you can and save. And this next part is perhaps what makes choosing one so dang tricky…. fuel consumption —- yes, both models happen to both fully fuel – efficient ( PWC – style, baby…. ooh, yeah ).

SO, then, how in the heck do you pick? Well, if you want to pay less and get something no less decent, the Sea – Doo would be the one to go with as it’s always more affordable but only slightly so. Keep that in mind here. But if HORSE – POWER is YOUR deciding factor, as we like to say, then the Yamaha Ex will be for you. The Spark typically gets up to 90 HP yet the Yamaha, on the other end of the spectrum, gets a bit over 100.