Meta D: The all-new Yamaha Superjet is here to pump up your adrenaline and blow your mind. Check out the new features and read ahead to know everything about this superjet!

When it comes to any adventure vehicles, it all comes down to the brand “Yamaha.” Doing no injustice to its name, Yamaha’s new launch, the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet comes with significant changes and eye-catching features that attract everyone to buy one.

The Yamaha SuperJet is designed to meet the rider’s desire to speed up and feel the adrenaline rush without breaching any environmental regulations. The new four-stroke engine machine is an agile and playful craft for everyone.

Yamaha SuperJet Overview

Yamaha is always known for the reliability and stability of vehicles with its robust and high-performance engines. The new SuperJet is no exception as it comes with drastic changes from its previous version. The two-stroke engine of the older version SuperJet did not meet many environmental regulations yet was a success for its performance. But 2021 SuperJet comes with new changes, new engines to adhere to all the ecological requirements, and better performance.


Yamaha uses the award-winning engine, 4 stroke TR-1 Yamaha marine power plant. The machine is lighter, more compact, and offers exceptional four strokes with a stable 100 horsepower. The three-cylinder engine has electric fuel injection and comes with a standard open loop cooling system that keeps the water flowing.

The engine has a flip-over detection that helps the rider stop the engine if the hull turns over automatically. Beginners can use L mode or learning mode to control the engine’s power and guide them to drive with less performance.

Specs of Engine


Yamaha comes with a 144 mm, 2 piece jet pump designed to give fast and high performance. The jet pump is designed and manufactured with Yamaha’s custom YDC30 corrosion protection. The jet pump nozzle is intended purely to address the dynamic stability at thrilling turning abilities.

The jet pump nozzle is adjustable and can be set either at 16 or 19 degrees, as per your choice. Surprisingly, the pump also features a water intake filter. Cooling water comes from the pump, and at times, there are high chances of debris settling in the system and clogging the hoses. In order to prevent this, Yamaha installed a water intake filter to have a precise cooling pump.


There was an entire reengineering on the design from the previous models of the SuperJet series. The goal of the new design was to keep the same speedy riding experience alive but with a new four-stroke edge. The deck and the hull of the new SuperJet are almost the same as the two-stroke model, with a slight difference of 7.5 inches in length, 3.2 inches wider, and 5.1 inches longer.

The single-person design cuts down the humongous weight of the previous SuperJet, and now it just weighs only 375 pounds or 170 kgs. The new deck has a three-position adjustable handle pole that can extend to 50mm in length. The deck also has race-inspired handlebars without any mirrors and a wide padded foot tray along with an integrated reboarding holder.


Just like many other Yamaha models, the SuperJet is also made up of Sheet molding composite. It is a compression moldable composite material made from glass fibers suspended in polyester resin. The material is highly durable, stable, and water-resistant. It does not rust or erode due to different kinds of water compositions.

The SMC in the jet ski helps the rider to have more flexibility and enjoy a thrilling experience testing the waves. You know that the brand comes with a reputation of rich quality and premium materials for all its water vehicles.

Fuel capacity

The Yamaha SuperJet comes with an impressive fuel capacity of 19 liters or 5 gallons along with 1.45 gallons for reserve. Even though it is comparatively lesser than its Ex series and wave runners, the SuperJet is purely designed for racing around professionally and for fun. It has 3.91 quarts of oil capacity, which is sufficient to last for a short thrilling experience. If you are looking for a long ride, the SuperJet is not your answer. It is more for a quick, fun, and exciting ride.


The 2021 Yamaha SuperJet has an impressive 100HP. Compared to the two-stroke engine, the new four-stroke engine is 27 HP more. Even though there is a tremendous increase in horsepower, the Yamaha SuperJet does not beat the Kawasaki SX-R 1500, which comes with 160HP. The SuperJet may have lesser horsepower, but it has more stability and durability than others. With more horsepower, Yamaha SuperJet is one of the best water jet skis for everyone.





How is the riding experience on the SuperJet?

Looking for a sporty and fun ride? The SuperJet is your answer. It can go at a speed of 60mph and gives you an exciting adrenaline rush. The SuperJet can also be professionally used by riders or just for weekend fun. Either way, check out the 4stroke SuperJet for a blast of a ride.

Do we need a license to drive a 2021 SuperJet?

The new 2021 SuperJet comes with a four-stroke engine. It can be twirled and turned in all directions, which means it is legal to drive in all the states without a racing license. The old version of SuperJet came with a two-stroke engine, which required a professional license to race or for fun. But well, the new SuperJet is for a wider audience.

Final thoughts

Yamaha’s 2021 SuperJet is full of surprises. It comes with a cooler and ingenious design that catches attention in one look. The revamped design might be heavier than the competition, but it’s worth every other feature that the jet ski offers. It comes with impressive durability and high-speed performance. Well, it’s time to try the new SuperJet to fly on the waves!