Goodyear Kart Tires

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

You may have known that Goodyear is an expert in tires ( auto tires, he he he he heh ) but I bet you did not know ( or even see it coming from a mile away, mwah ha ha hah ) that they also sell vintage go – kart tires. Yup, many kinds of go – kart tires are what we are talking about here, in fact … they sell them, and people do really buy them. They’re not bad at all, but let me tell you some more to keep in mind ….

First of all, know this — eBay currently has some great blue – streak tires made by them ( which sell fast, so get in on an online auction or be the first to buy, before someone else beats you, he he eh he h heh ) . And you can see them right here, folks : VINTAGE RACING GO KART GOOD YEAR BLUE STREAK TIRE 11X4.50-5 5” QUARTER MIDGET eBay

Now what I like about these Goodyear go – kart tires is the simple fact that they sell for only $50 and you get 3 large, full – sized tires in great condition and everything. The seller, known as strockerace, currently holds some of the best reviews around as well ( 15,000 and more positive reviews, as I write this, and counting …. ) . Their accumulated 5 - star positive feedback is tremendous and truly something you should note when you look at the profile of any eBay seller, of course.

If you would like to go with a Goodyear go – kart – usable tire that is just a little older but still kicks and packs its punch, then try out this one that you’ll find right here : vintage kart RACING GOODYEAR BLUE STREAK tire 11X6.00X 5 eBay

The availability for it comes and goes, of course. But if you see some in stock, nail your opportunity to order right then and there. After all, who knows when it might become available next, right? This one’s a single tire ( not a 3 – pack ) that sells for just $29 ( plus $19.50 for eco – shipping, which is still a good deal as this tire can be a little bit harder to come by, at the end of the day ) .

The seller, as you will note, is a person by the name of 1936parkard ( their screen name, silly ) , who currently holds over 3,600 positive reviews from eBay buyers. So that’s not bad at all … someone who you can apparently trust to deliver a great product. This tire can be used for vintage street kart racing ( if it’s legal where you reside ) or just about anything else non – competitive. Just buy another 3 to go with it ( or remember to put in “4” as your total quantity when you place the order online ) and you should be good to go.