Sea-Doo WAKE

Let’s all agree we love water sports and riding on a jet ski. And what if your jet ski brings power, style, and stability on the same platter?

The sea-doo WAKE has technically done that. With a total capacity of 42.5 gallons, ample inner space, and numerous other exciting features, the manufacturers have practically tried to improve the onboard experience of riders.

Thanks to the manufacturers that they have also remembered the entertainment factor and have included the BRP-Premium audio system so that you never turn out of your favorite jams.

Sea-doo WAKE: An overview

Just like any other product in the market, this jet ski also comes with its pros and cons. So, you might appreciate the impressive advantages and might negotiate with the negligible disadvantages. Hence, insight into the features, pros, and cons is necessary before grabbing a jet ski of your own.

In this section, I am going to talk about all the features, pros, and cons of this particular product.


The Sea-doo WAKE is equipped with a robust Rotax ACE 1630 cc engine that enables you to ride the smoothest ride. It comes with a three-cylinder functioning system. Also, the ski jet comes with a 170 hp engine. The 4-stroke engine makes this particular jet is appropriate for water riding and tow sports.

The closed-loop cooling system makes the engine more durable.

Bluetooth-audio system

The ski jet comes with this exciting feature that makes it more enjoyable during water rides and watersports. The manufacturers have made a fully waterproof audio system that will entertain you through your ride. With 100 watts of total system power, this audio system never fails to impress you. The external controls are specially designed for you to experience non-stop loops on the deck!

Swim platform

The sea-doo WAKE comes with an improved swim platform that allows extra space for a comfortable ride. The enhanced design and ample space of the ski jet have made it appropriate for boarding, lounging, and prepping. You can even increase space by removing the rear seat. The flatter swim platform can easily carry three riders altogether without any problem.

Riding modes

The Sea-doo WAKE is equipped with customizable riding modes. And this advanced feature of the ski set makes it even more favorable. There are two riding modes in the ski jet. If you like to ride slower and for a long duration, you might choose the eco mode. And if your ultimate goal is to ski like a pro with a faster pace, choose the sports mode and enjoy!

Tow sports made easier

Speaking of tow sports, the three features that this ski jet provides are the most wanted features. This particular product comes with a retractable LinQ ski pylon, wakeboard rack, and ski mode. The perfect rope position and the pace of riding are now possible.


The sea-doo WAKE is made of Polytec GEN 2 Material. This material, in its second generation, makes the ski jet even lighter. Therefore, the watercraft can easily reach its highest speed. The effectiveness of the lightweight design has made it possible for the ski jet to perform at its best level.


The ski jet provides an innovative waterproof compartment for your phones and cameras. The compartment is equipped with a USB port also for charging. So, you can now enjoy digital life on board as well!

Intelligent brake and reverse

You can now control the speed and acceleration of the ski jet with its strong break and reverse system. The system lets you stop the watercraft sooner than before. A rider can enable neutral, reverse and forward by hands on the handlebars. This feature allows you to enjoy your low-speed riding safely.

Front storage

The sea-doo WAKE indeed fascinates with its front storage. The manufacturers have made it with larger front storage, which is said to be 40.2 gals or 152 L. large enough for you to enjoy your ride.

Boarding ladder

The manufacturers of this particular product have been really thoughtful while including the boarding ladder. This boarding ladder makes it easier for the riders to hop in or move out quickly. The fold-down design of the ladder is easily accessible.

External features

This jet ski is indeed a smart option that includes VTS™ (Variable Trim System), ECO® Mode, iControl®, Wide-Angle Mirrors, RF D.E.S.S.™ Key, Footwell Carpets, and GTI Hull.

Additionally, the attractive colors (Malibu Blue / Neon Yellow) make the jet ski supercool.

Fuel capacity

The Sea-Doo WAKE is one of the smartest choices because of its fair fuel consumption and fuel capacity. This jet ski has a fuel capacity of 15.9 gallons. Moreover, the considerable fuel consumption makes it a more dependable option than any other jet ski in the market.


The redesigned hull of the Sea-doo WAKE and center of gravity has unitedly added another feather to the product. Be it riding in rough waves or resting, the jet ski is always steady and stable. So, the rider can enjoy the ride safely and comfortably.




What is the fastest Seadoo?

Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is claimed to be the fastest sea-doo. It is said to reach a speed of 67 to 69 mph. However, this jet ski might reach 73.8 mph easily.

How many hours does a Sea-doo last?

On an average calculation, a sea-doo might last for somewhere around 300 hours. But they say if appropriately kept, it can last longer.

How long can a jet ski run on a tank of gas?

Generally, jet skis use 6 gallons of fuel per hour. So, consider the fuel capacity of the jet ski, and you will get a fair idea. But, the duration would be somewhere around 3 hours. Well, you need to remember the speed factor as well. The faster you go, the shorter the time becomes.

Final thoughts

The Sea-doo WAKE is indeed one of the best options on the sports and riding field. But, like every other jet ski, it has some cons along with its exciting features. This particular jet ski can not reach a higher speed than 54 mph. And to be honest, this is just an average speed for jet skis. So if you are hoping to get the ‘Aquaman’ spirit from it, then this is not for you. Also, it is not supercharged.

However, the features mentioned above will indeed blow your mind. Therefore you can give it a shot. Good luck!