Yamaha EX

Meta: Yamaha EX is agile, quick, and playful for people of all ages. But is the 2021 version worth buying? This review guide will help you with that.

Yamaha announced the EX series in 2017 with three models to choose from. These models include EX, EX Deluxe, and EX Sport. Surprisingly, these three were the first-ever recreation-lite wave runners from the company. Since their introduction, none of these models, especially EX has looked back.

In simple words, a recreation-lite wave runner or rec-lite wave runner is a step below the rec wave runner. As their name suggests, a rec-lite wave runner is nimble, lightweight, and compact. If you are a beginner, it’s an ideal buy for you.

This is because such wave runners are much affordable and easy to drive. However, they provide the same fun as other rec wave runners in the market. If you’re thinking of buying this Yamaha EX rec-lite wave runner, this review guide will come in handy for you.

Yamaha EX: A Quick Overview

No matter which year’s Yamaha EX you are going to buy next, each of its models has the same sporty feel and promises a very responsive ride. Out of Yamaha’s 3 wave runner models, EX is the most affordable. It’s perfect for those who just want to get into the water and ride along the waves.

Note that Yamaha EX is available in white and green. Today, in this section, I am going to review this rec-lite wave runner based on its key features, pros, and cons. So, let’s start.


Talking about the design of Yamaha EX, it features an elegant design. The company has provided it with a performance-style hull. This makes it capable of handling a wide variety of water conditions.

Its unique design can carry 1-3 passengers at a time. Due to this, you get sufficient storage space on the Yamaha EX.

Hull and deck

I earlier said that Yamaha EX is lightweight yet strong. This is possible due to its hull & deck that’s made out of durable and scratch-resistant resin. The hull is nimble and playful.

On the first appearance, you might think that the deck is not spacious. Though it’s true, it has sufficient space a lite wave runner needs to have.

To understand better, the space is good for someone to set up a tow tube or wakeboard.


Though Yamaha advertises its recreation and recreation-lite jet skis as three-seaters, it’s not true. In reality, this means two adults and a kid. Thus, three adults can not fit in Yamaha EX anyhow.

If your ride is short, you can fit in three people, it’s not a good idea for long rides. From the safety point of view, you get a support handle on the rear of the seat. Additionally, a tow hook for watersports is also available below it.

Storage space

The total storage space you get in Yamaha EX is around 7.7 gallons. This space spreads throughout the wave runner. Though such a space isn’t much, it’s still sufficient for a rec-lite model.

If you are simply using Yamaha EX for riding, you won’t face any problems. However, if you are planning fishing or camping, get ready to face problems.

Engine specs

In Yamaha EX, you get the 1,049CC TR-1 marine engine. In its earlier models, the company used to use only a 4-cylinder engine, however, it provides a high output 3-cylinder 4 stroke engine.

It provides ample power and is fuel-efficient too. With such power, your Yamaha EX can reach up to 55mph depending on the riding conditions and your riding style.

Note that you must invest in the engine’s regular maintenance to increase its lifespan.

Glove box

Out of the available 7.7 gallons of storage space, some space is taken up by the glove box. In it, you can keep water bottles, sunscreen, or your cell phone.

Fuel tank

The fuel tank capacity of Yamaha EX is decent compared to its price and size. You get a 13.2-gallon gas tank in the Yamaha EX. Thus, more rides and less fuel top-up are what EX promises to you.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Yamaha EX good?

Ans: Yes, Yamaha EX is good for you. It’s much more affordable than other rec and rec-lite wave runners. It comes with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. The storage space is also sufficient to fit in two adults and a kid.

How fast does Yamaha EX go?

Ans: Yamaha EX comes with a 1,049CC TR-1 marine engine. Due to this, it can reach up to 50mph to 55mph depending upon your water conditions and your riding style. This much speed is also possible due to Yamaha EX’s lightweight body.

Does the Yamaha EX 2021 model have a reverse?

Ans: Yes, the Yamaha EX 2021 model comes with a mechanical reverse. This feature adds up to maximum fun and control. No matter if you have experience in using a rec-lite wave runner like Yamaha EX or not.

Final verdict

If you are planning to buy a rec wave runner but are on a low budget, you should go for a rec-lite wave runner. Though the latter is a lower version of the former, you get the original fun and ride quality.

The engine is powerful and fuel-efficient. You can fit another adult in this Yamaha EX. Additionally, you get sufficient storage space of 7.7 gallons including the glove box. Not to forget its performance-based hull & deck.

Both the hull & deck are made out of durable and scratch-resistant resin. Due to this, the entire Yamaha EX is lightweight yet strong enough to handle a wide variety of water conditions.