Yamaha Waverunner Winterization Checklist

Author : Efrain S.

Think of some things you will need to run to your store to get after September ends and you find yourself wanting to plan in advance on how to best winterize your special Yamaha WaveRunner, the first thing being premium gasoline ( which you can store for next season, and it does not hurt to have some extra handy ) . You will want to have that gas tank full and not empty in those cruel cold days to avoid condensation, which can be super bad for your product’s engine and fuel line alike. So keep that in mind. And you want good, premium gas, like I said, not the cheap and crappy kind. Just look at it like this, if you must — you are paying more to invest in quality, and the type of gas you get is the type of gas that will be sitting there inside the Wave Runner for months on end…. think of that. You want something quality – like and that lasts well / ages well inside your tank.

The next things on my personal check – list would be water and a hose. But don’t forget a bucket, while you are at it, 10 – gallons is good ( or at the very least, a 5 – gallon one, in which you can rightly and properly mix up a good solution of water and some anti – freeze…. anti – freeze, of course, is a HUGE “must - have” for anything that has to do with winterization and not just cars, he heh, like most people might be thinking ) . Next thing to add to the list? Some boat soap, of the non – detergent kind…. and why is that, you might be asking as you look at that sentence again to make sure you read it correctly? He heh…. you did. But let me further explain…..

You want to get some of this type of boat soap simply due to the fact that, as part of your regular winterization process ( and you can look up the actual steps on how to do this online, or see tutorials / videos on Vimeo or YouTube, for free, of course ) , you will be using that soap and some water to wash those engine compartments through and through. So keep that in mind.

Different sprays are HUGE to think about, as well, when preparing your Wave Runner for the cold winter, sprays such as lubricant spray ( of the silicone kind, by the way ) , some fogging oil spray, and of course, some rust inhibitor spray ( because you do not think about it, but things can and do get rusty in there, in the winter, when you are not using it ) . And of course, last but not least on my little list ( and your list can be different or longer, he heh ) , add a good boat cover…. to cover the Wave Runner protectively.