Are Go Karts Automatic Or Manual?

The good news is the answer to this question, my curious friend : Go karts can be both. There are shifter ones out there as well as single – gear. The shifters usually come with 6 different gears that you can play around with, and most of these have a proper clutch in place ( except for direct drive ones, in special exceptions ) . Some also have a few ranging gears on their auto transmission, but the general gist of them is that they do not shift often or much ( think of how some auto transmission cars, for example, have a few different gears that you can shift to as well… same concept here, nothing less ) .

You will find the hand clutch right on your steering column ( or right under it ) on your shifter go karts. They also call these go karts ( as a side note, and a funny name, I thought, when I heard this ) KZ karts in some places. The nice thing about them is that you can multi – engage ( as needed ) different RPMs or REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE on these types of karts. You can, in addition, also engage a single RPM and keep it at that as you drive along, if you prefer. The options are there for you…. so many good options.

Typically, the fastest that you can get a manual shifter kart to go is around 115 miles per hour ( aka 185 kilometers per hour ) . Think about it : That can feel ( and actually be, of course ) so darn fast. And you will be two inches off the ground, at some points, as you shift along. But for the experience of a life – time, as some would attest, it is so well worth it. If you are interested in actual track racing, maybe as a hobby or for a mini – tournament coming up in a few days, then the best thing you can do is start by learning automatic. Do not start on manual, and do not go on a race track until you are fully comfortable ( and have mastered ) manual go kart racing.

Some centrifugal clutches even come with a single gear while in automatic mode. They can automatically pick and keep the gear right in range for you. It’s nice.

Learn the automatic go kart first as it is much easier to master. You’ll thank me later for it. Hopefully this has helped at least to get your feet wet.