Polaris RZR Turbo R 4

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

I like that you, once more, get Ultimate, Sport or Premium options with this one. That’s always a positive kick in the right direction, if you ask me. Now read the following to see what else it can feature, in addition to some amazing Usable Travel ( as they call it ) potential of 28 inches, all in all ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

Now first of all, I would like to point out that this vehicle begins at a basic asking price of $31,999 US MSRP in the Sport alone, which you will find is the cheapest offer starting out on this most basic of its sub – versions, all in all. now keep in mind that it just comes in the Cruiser Black look for this one, but if you like other colors like the Blue Slate, then you might think about up – grading yourself to the Premium ( as that is the one color this other one comes with, and it sure as heck looks really frickin’ nice, he he he he heh ) . The Ultimate can give you a Ghost Gray or an Onyx Black, as well, if you’d like to pay a bit more, still and really make your vehicle top – notch with everything ….

Now a bit more on these two colors, for the Ultimate, since I did point it out, he heh ….

Now first of all, on this note, I would like to just simply say that the Onyx Black, for one, is not all black on this vehicle ( as it may be with some other Polaris – branded vehicles that come in that same color, at the end of the day ) but is instead more of a dark, military gray – and – green – and – teal sort of mix ( the best way that I can possibly visually explain it to you, he he he he he heh, but I do recommend that you see the photo of it online as well, of course …. can’t go wrong with a picture, right? He he he heh ) …. and it has black tires and seats, with other marks of black around it ( including the black letters “Polaris” seen on the bottom of the left – side door area as well ) , not to mention some shades of orange, which really look nice against that back – drop of everything. All together, these three colors blend in well …. quite nicely, I might add. No over – statement there, he heh …

The Ghost Gray, on the other hand, is all gray. Simple. Yup.

You get 28 inches of Usable Travel trim, and 74 – in width, on all sub – models. The horse – power on all sub – versions of this Turbo R 4 is also 181. Look online for yourself and see which style or color suits you best.

Price – quote yourself online for this vehicle, locally ( which is always the best thing to do in these cases ), based on where you are / will be moving to ( if you are moving, etc ) , and such …. prices change, based on your buyer, location and specs. Now, I like this one a lot, and I will tell you some more, of what I can, on it, so you can then see if your next Polaris of choice ….

Now first of all, I would like to just tell you all that it is called a “rugged strength” one for a good reason, and I didn’t make the label, he he he heh. Truly, it is firm ; it is reliable. It is yet so durable and can be a part of your Polaris family for many years ( or months, if you like to swap out and update your inventory often, only keeping the latest models stored away, etc ) .

I like this model because it offers not only 28 full inches ( “Usable Travel” ) but also 181 HP ( yeah, baby … horse – power, all the way to the max ) and 74 inches ( of width, of course … boo – yahhh! This is awesome ) . Not only that, but you will also see that it comes with its very own sub – styles / sub – models / sub – packages, if you will …. these are the Ultimate ( the best of all 3 ) , the Premium ( 2nd best of all 3 ) and the Sport ( the basic, beginner one, but still no less kick – ass awesome, he he he he he hheh ) .

If you like 2.5 - velocity needle shocks ( or know what these are, he he he heh heh … otherwise, it’s okay, just google them up ) , then you’ll like those Sport and Premium sub – models. But if you want to get just a bit more out of the whole package, and really sweeten up your deal to the max ( since you only live once, right? He he he he heh ) , then go for the Ultimate and get its 3.0 Live Valve types of internal shocks ( not to mention FOX® - branded and X2 ) . They’re the best of the best around, you could ( I do ) say …. he he he he heh. I don’t want you thinking “small picture”, after all …. only look at the big picture here and get the very best for yourself ….

Now then, also keep in mind that you get Electronic Power Steering with this bad boy. Quite a model, eh? And it’s High – Assist, too. Not only that, but it’s quality Rack – Mounted ( as you might guess ) .