Sodi LRX

The electric go kart known as the SODI LRX offers a new generation look while also tailoring to multiple personas at once, and it also offers a feature I wish could protect us from many possible collision scenarios than we happen to see on the roads these days …. 1 – D adjustable pedals. Just think about it for a sec : if you could perfectly adjust your pedals and their placement, to what is most cozy for you ( and remember that you even have such a feature, in the first place, ha ha ha hah ) , then you will be, in turn, more relaxed, focused and overall alert to what’s in front of you on the road. This electric go kart just so happens to be one of those classy ( in a modern way, though, he he he heh ) ones that you can drive to prom in, to a night at the movie theatre or bowling in as well. Just think of all the great ideas that you can come across when you choose to go out in style …..

It’s got a nice design that somewhat looks like that of the Sodikart LR5 but does it own twist, too …. it’s new and original in its own way. And did you know you get no noises or smells with this go kart, and that’s certainly a blooming feature I wish more go karts could offer these days. Just think about the toxic air that we are being spared of through a feature like this …. less pollution, less emissions issues, and a cleaner planet, at the end of the day. Don’t we all want that, now?

Furthermore, if you think that this go kart comes without PROLINE 360 protection, then think again because it’s got it and only the best of it! Plus to add to that, it comes with great seating and steering – wheel ergonomics overall …. which are, actually scientifically proven to help you be more calm and focused when you drive ( so you don’t miss those little details when you drive, especially when you’re on a race course ) .

The Sodi LRX comes with a great anti – gas form of brake system as well, which is one of the safest around, too ; in fact, unlike with some others out there, it prevents you from accelerating and braking ay the same time. It ensures you do either one or the other and thus keeps you responsible. It keeps you from engaging two contrary functions, at once, in other words …. and thereby helps reduce the risk of accidents.

The more alert and aware you can be when driving, of course, the safer you ( and everyone around ) will be. The APM – 1D pedal adjustment system, by the way, is one of the best I’ve seen. That says a lot. So if you want to give this go kart a try, do so.