Sea-Doo Spark Jet Kart Conversion

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

For a proper jet kart conversion of this sort, you need a conversion kit! So guess what? I’m going there, guys!!!! That’s where my mind is headed today, and that’s where your eyes need to follow….. read with me, please….

Let’s begin —- first off, you can either get a kit and convert by yourself, for a whopping cost of about $8,000, plus taxes. Or you can just buy the Spark Evo jet kart itself and pay about MSRP $14,990, all in all. I prefer myself, if I were you, to just save up the money and not go through the pain of converting….. but if you must, keep in mind a few things. Yet the kit for it can be bolted right on and the process takes about a 3 – hr wait…. yes, I know, if you are like me, you thought “3 HOURS? 3 PAINFUL HOURS OF JUST WAITING AND NOT BEING ABLE TO USE IT?”. Ha ha, sadly, yes. But the wait is worth it.

What’s nice is that the conversion kit will come ‘ready to plug in’ so to speak, everything neatly packed and ready for you to get the ball rolling. And as many other admirers of this conversion kit will also tell you, this whole thing is — get this — completely reversible. Ha hah! So that means that if you ever decide that you would wish to just simply use your Spark once more, as originally used ( as a basic, regular PWC, of course ) , then you can do it and no one will think you a fool for doing so. I have done it back and forth a few times, and it’s a nice feeling — both types of water – craft, all in all, have unique features and aspects of them, I will add…. and all in all, it does feel like I own two different Sea – Doo Sparks, he heh.

Swap out the initial seat and deck that it came with, too. It’s all easy to do. It’s like having another jet ski.

It is important to mention that the conversion kit will come with every single fastener that you need, to put together and work with, as well as a very precise and colorfully – detailed user guide or manual. That is already something you are very glad to hear, I can tell ( with my psychic abilities to read your minds, he he heh, just kidding ) . Not only that, but the kit will usually also feature you with some of the best - in – class rear cover and nose cover you can get, to keep things nice and protected, not to even mention a full top deck ( you heard it right ) . And to add to all that, you usually get something like an aluminum gas tank ( the tank for the main kit for the Spark usually has 11 gallons in full capacity ) .