Volvo P1800

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

The Volvo P – 1800 : It IS OUR LUCKY DAY to be talking all about this baddie —- and no, not because it is a bad car, but I say ‘baddie’ because it is built for the bad – ass. Ha hah. No, it’s not sporty, but it does not need to be sporty to be cool…. it is peaceful – looking, as a matter of fact. People like me and my friends still think it kicks ass, but in the cool, respectable way. And we kick ass on the roads, too, ourselves ( we still keep local laws and don’t do anything too crazy, ha hah hah hah, but we like to ride in style ) . This car is worth a good $20 K on most markets, but if you go to an auction to try to get one, you may be screwed into paying up to around $70 K ( they will try and get ya, ha ha ha ha ) . So I do not suggest a bid auction, really, in any case…. these end up being more expensive than ever, unless the car you want is only available there. But in most instances, you can find a used one of these on ebay, craigslist, facebook classifieds or auto sections of ads, and more. So look around until you can look no more, as I say, he he heh!

This car is a front – engine car and was first produced in 1961. The 1973 model was the last one of its kind that got made. If you lived in the 60’s and 70’s and still remember those days, then you more than likely saw one of these bad boys riding around. And now let me be clear about this —- it was considered by some to be a ‘bad boy ride’ back in the day, but compared to the cars you see now, it looks rather peaceful, simplistic and plain as a car. But for high – school football jocks who would take their girl friends out to eat after a big winning game, it was definitely the stuff that the ‘cool people’ rode around in. I consider myself bad – ass, and some of my friends who are also young, as I am, do the same…. yet we still like this car and think it kicks ass, so that should tell you something, he he heh.

It was never branded as a sports car but rather as one for light tours or cruising around. When you want to bop around town and check out a new spot, this is the car. You won’t go wrong.

Pelle Peterson, by the way, is a name you ought never to forget. And you probably won’t. You may already recognize that name as the name of this car’s designer. And one heck of a design it’s got! Just see photos of the Volvo P – 1800 online.

Peace out!