Ranger 150 vs RZR 170

  Find out more here!   Our true inquiry is this: What’ll it be, folks, the Polaris Ranger 150 EFI or the RZR 170? That is the real question of the hour, and it can only be answered by you, the ever - faithful consumer. It depends on the need, the speed, and the need for speed. But there’s more…….

It also boils down to what you want to pay --- or not pay. What are you willing to sacrifice? Either way, both products can provide some value when it comes to off-road fun, so let’s break down each and see what we can find…..     

The “word on the street” and much more

First of all, let’s start with the critic reviews, which is probably the best place to begin since, after all, the people say what the people say. It’s all about what the loyal customer and fan wants, in the end, right? Right. 

SO anyways, most consumers today are now saying the Polaris Ranger 150 has no competition (though it does, but you get where this is going) and is the number one youth UTV (Utility Vehicle, or as I prefer to call it, Ultimate Terrain Vehicle) out there on the market. Few stand up to it, it seems. And let’s see why that may be, then…..

Well, most would agree that it offers only the most technologically advanced safety options, in addition to full report reliability from countless past case studies, and --- here’s the real kicker --- it costs the same as many dirt bikes you can get today. All in all, that’s the word on the street which, by the way, you can legally drive this vehicle on if you are an adult 18 or over riding with the teen. How exciting is that? It makes me just want to go to the store and get one with my son…….don’t know about you all……. 

The products themselves

In terms of the latest and greatest features for this new model, we can first see this: A large digital panel, as its standalone feature of the year, which is larger than before and takes center stage in your dashboard; you can’t miss it. But there’s more --- add to that the interconnectivity features included within it, or should we say built in, and you’ll notice that you can easily connect your smartphone app or other device to ensure a safe maximum speed cutoff altogether. In other words, your kid will never go any faster than you intend him or her to, and that’s a fact. But that is not all…..

In joyous addition to all of this, we also have “geofence” capabilities included within this bad boy (or girl), which can limit maximum speeds within certain geographic areas that you preset it to. How cool is that? Plus, there’s the adjustability factor, which alone, according to many (I would not disagree either), is perhaps the greatest strength that the Ranger 150 carries over the RZR 170, case in point. Now, let’s dive a little further into that thought…

The seats on the Ranger 150 can slide backwards and forwards in order to even account for any height changes as your kids, teens, or pre-teens (the biggest users of this type of product) grow in weight and height. The steering wheel, in addition, can also manually tilt itself to their preferences, going either up or down as they prefer. And to add even more to the magic, notice how significantly larger the wheels on this Ranger model are, more than the RZR 170’s and even more than in past Ranger models alone. Designers have truly outdone themselves this time around, but in a good way --- they have gone past their own limits on what can be done.    

And furthermore, these wheels (or tires, as some prefer to refer to them as) are measured at 22 inches, front and rear. The RZR 170’s, however, are only at 19 and 20 inches, front and rear. So on the Ranger 150, as a result, the driver can thus get better handling and even go through bigger, rougher bumps overall! That doubles the fun for everyone!!!! 

The RZR 170, of course, does have some benefits of its own that likewise make it stand out from the rest --- in this case, even the Ranger 150. For instance, the price on the RZR 170 is about $200 less, making it more affordable for the consumer who holds a tighter wallet and is more cautious about spending. Also, the RZR 170 is just a bit faster, as well, since its 20cc engine is larger than the Ranger’s. But to further add, it even offers a better roll cage, according to several online consumers.   

Moreover, the RZR 170 notably carries a more sporty appearance that looks elegant and ready to drive whereas the Ranger looks a bit more farmlike, all in all. So there you have it, some good arguments for each of the two UTV’s. Now you can decide which you like better. But before you do, keep this in mind, too…. 

Both products offer 4WD or 2 Wheel Drive, as well as 4-stroke engines. In addition, both are fuel injected electronically and also carry gas tanks with a maximum capacity of 2.5 gallons, respectively. Hydraulic disc brakes are included on both products, and both products likewise lack power steering but make up for it through numerous other features we’ve just looked at --- and some we have not even explored.    

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

But if you really, really, really want to get the inside scope on these two amazing UTV’s, then the only way to do so is to rent them out for a day or simply take a risk and buy one, or both! Get a warranty, as well, if you’re buying used or pre-owned. It never hurts to protect yourself financially if something should go wrong after the purchase. Anyways, this has been our advice --- we hope you have enjoyed it, and take a minute to share it with others who may benefit, too!