Be it the eye-popping colors, or the attractive price tag, Sea-Doo Spark is always a favorite personal watercraft for folks looking for entry-level options. Available in two engine options, this amazing jet ski can easily touch a top speed of 50 miles per hour, and you’ll be flying on the water.

However, there are plenty of other watercrafts available on the market, so what makes Sea-Doo Spark so special? Read this detailed review, and know everything about this compact watercraft.

I’ve even covered the two engine options Sea-Doo offers to help you make an informed choice.

Let’s get started:

Sea-Doo Spark: An Overview

Popular for its agile and nimble performance, Spark is a lightweight and easy to maneuver jet ski. Built using high-quality materials, it boasts durability, and the digital instrument cluster makes it even more attractive.

Here are the features that make it the first choice for everyone looking for a budget yet performance-oriented watercraft.


The engine is the heart of a jet ski, and the performance entirely depends on the thrust it can produce. Sea-Doo offers two engine options with the Spark, i.e., 60 HP (900 ACE) and 90HP (900 ACE HO).

Both the motors are 3-cylinder, 4-stroke and use a closed-loop cooling system. The 60HP engine is cheaper and consumes 1.94 gallons of fuel per hour. So, riding the jet ski won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

On the other hand, the 90HP engine has improved thrust, and it should be your choice if you love speed. With fuel consumption of 2.4 gallons per hour, this engine is a little expensive to run, but it is an outstanding choice if you love thrilling speed.


After the engine, performance matters the most! The standard 60HP motor reaches 0-30 MPH in under 3.6 seconds and that’s fairly impressive. However, the 90HP engine takes 2.4 seconds to reach 0-30 MPH.

There is a considerable difference in terms of speed as well. With the 60HP motor, you reach up to 42 miles per hour, and the 90HP motor can accelerate the jet ski up to 50 miles per hour.

iBR and Convenience Package

Lots of people often wonder if Sea-Doo Spark has a reverse function or not! Well, the best affordable jet ski comes powered with optional iBR technology that stands for Intelligent Brake and Reverse System.

The reverse mode helps in maneuvering the jet ski better during the docking process. The iBR system is not a mandatory feature to look for in a jet ski, but it improves the convenience, and that’s why people love Sea-Doo Spark so much.

You only get the iBR system if you purchase the Sea-Doo convenience package. The standard jet ski doesn’t have these special features.


Sea-Doo offers two models in the Spark range, i.e., 2UP and 3UP. The 2UP is a cheaper model that’s perfect for two adults. On the other hand, the 3UP model offers enough room for two adults and a child.

If you opt for 3UP, you have to pay $1200 more than the 2UP model, and that’s a significant difference. However, the 3UP model features a bigger engine (90HP) and is a great choice for families looking to have fun with their little ones.


Built using high-strength polytec material, the body is lightweight and durable. Sea-Doo Spark has better scratch resistance than the expensive fiberglass jet skis. Furthermore, the watercraft holds its color pretty well, and it doesn’t fade away after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Every color option available in the Spark range is bold and vibrant, making this jet ski a stylish option.

Digital Instrument Cluster

The fully digital instrument cluster makes it easy to check the fuel level, speed, and other essential details. The size of the display is impressively big, and you can easily switch between different modes such as sport and touring. (The sport mode consumes more fuel but delivers more power)

Closed-Loop Cooling System

You can have fun riding this jet ski for hours, thanks to the closed-loop cooling system. Just like your car, this watercraft uses a coolant that keeps the engine at an ideal temperature.

Off-Throttle Assisted Steering

The off-throttle assisted steering makes stopping, docking, and cornering easier than ever. This jet ski sucks up the water and shoots it from the back with a thrust even when you are not rotating the throttle.

Sea-Doo has upgraded this feature in the latest Spark range, so you can enjoy added convenience.

Quick Specs

Specs Sea-Doo
Engine Rotax 900 ACE - 60 or 90 HP
Fuel Capacity 7.9 Gallons (30 liters)
Storage Capacity Glove Box 0.42 Gallons (1.6 Liters)
Rider Capacity 2 or 3 Riders
Convenience Plus Package Optional
Hull Type Spark Hull
Features Tow hook, Seat strap, LinW Attachment System, Wetgrip footboard, handle grip with palm rests

Pros and Cons: Sea-Doo Spark Entry-level Watercraft

You should take these points into consideration to decide if Sea-Doo Spark is worth your dollar or not.




Q: Who should buy Sea-Doo Spark?

A: Sea-Doo Spark is perfect for anyone looking to spend their day jet skiing. It’s perfect for families and beginners looking for an affordable watercraft with good mileage.

Q: Where do I put gas in my Sea-Doo Spark?

A: Remove the seat and locate the fuel tank cap. Unscrew it, and refill the gas carefully. Your jet ski is ready for another lap.

Q: Is Sea-Doo Spark expensive to maintain?

A: Not at all! There are only a few parts like the plastic rings that need timely replacement. Maintaining Spark doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg, and that’s why it is the best entry-level affordable watercraft.

Conclusion: Is Sea-Doo Spark Worth It?

Definitely! Sea-Doo Spark is one of the best cheapest jet skis in the market, with unique features and an aesthetic appearance. It features a powerful Rotax engine and returns good gas mileage. Furthermore, it lets you upgrade the features, and you can have more fun with this compact jet ski.

Lastly, make sure to choose the right engine option, and decide if you need the convenience package before placing your order.