Do You Lose Your No Claims If You Claim For A Windscreen?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

The short and sweet answer is simply that claiming for wind – screen damage will NOT affect your no claims bonus, and that is such a good thing to know …. I knew I breathed a deep sigh of relief when I found this out for the very first time as well. And I’m sure that you are doing the very same just now as you read this. Right? Take it in ( deep breaths, now …. ahhhh …. ) ….

Now, then, there is more to keep in mind ( as there always is ) . And by that, let me start by saying this, that many auto – insurance providers will still happily give you your bonus when such is the case, mostly given the fact that you are not entirely at fault and that wind – screen damage doesn’t happen repeatedly on your car ( basically showing that you are irresponsible and inconsistent, in a way ) . Many call this the NCD, for short ( the NO – CLAIMS DISCOUNT ) and I, for one, can proudly say that I have gotten it for many years in a row as of now … and I have definitely saved many on my monthly auto – insurance costs, to date …. and it feels so dang good ….

You know the feeling? Perhaps you are a careful, responsible road driver as well with no records of incidents ( or at least any in which you were at fault ) ? Now know this as well — wind – screens crack on their own, a lot of the time. And there is simply nothing that you can do about it, when they do ( except for put in a claim and go to get it repaired or replaced, of course ) . Extreme weather changes, hail, mosquitos, debris from high – ways, there are literally countless factors that can impact and affect the wind – screen in a negative way, many times causing cracks to occur in mere seconds. And it’s not always your own doing ( neither can you always prevent it from happening ) . And especially if the crack comes from a non – collision occurrence ( or not even anything affecting another driver, per instance ) , then it looks all the more favorable in your case. And your insurance provider will likely not deny your ongoing NCD over that ( so you should put in the claim, and get it fixed as soon as you can, though ) .

Keep in mind that this rule applies GENERALLY ( aka “most” of the time ) but I am sure there may be a pickier auto – insurance provider or two that perhaps does NOT offer such lenience when your wind – screen cracks ( or perhaps doesn’t even offer an NCD discount in the first place ) . Keep that in mind, too. Take care!