Ricky Carmichael

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

This dirt - bike legend, and awesome sensation of a guy, not to mention, is worth my look at, this time. Guys, I want to write to you about him for just a bit since he is so darn cool. And I never seem to write - up any character or personal profiles whenever I blog on here. So starting here and now, that is going to change! Let me talk to you about Ricky, then, for a bit….

First of all, if you already know who he is and some of his biggest successes, then this can just re - fresh you, and you can also share it with another living soul ( one who, perhaps, has never even heard of this guy, he he he heh…. tell all your friends who he is and what he is known for ) . Now, then, Ricky, I will say, is quite a star on YouTube, these days, too…. he heh heh. And what I mean by that is simply the fact that he is featured on dozens of channels and pages there, as well as given tons of honorable mention. If you want to look at him in action, and see him ride in style, and witness what were perhaps some of his best moments captured for the screen, then that is the best site that you can go to look him up! Watch everything you can and eat it all up…. yummy content. He heh.

He was won tons and tons of, get this, American Championships…. all in his life. So he is the real deal and serious in his sport. Now, about him, physically, he is remarkably red…. as some like to say of him, he he he he heh. What I mean by that remark, you reply? Well, I mean that, in many races and rides, personal and professional, he has been caught by the camera, red - handed ( he he heh… see what I did there, once more? I love to word - pun! ) ….. riding a red sort of dirt - bike, with a red uniform, and get this…. his hair is even red. Yup. He is a true ginger. Ricky the Ginger is another name I have heard in reference to this cool due, ha ha hah. So pick a name that you like… there are many that refer to him.

Now, then. Did you happen to know that one of his top nick - names, of ALL, is the GOAT? Yup. The Goat. Beh!!!!!

Why is this? It supposedly stands for GREATEST OF ALL TIME, as an acronym of choice. Some also call him, as such, the G.O.A.T. ( which each letter pronounced, one by one… so the G, O, A, T!!! ) . He heh. So do your home - work tonight…. if you are unfamiliar with Ricky Carmichael, look him up. It’s time to be able to proudly say that you know who he is!