Yamaha FX SVHO

Meta D: The first of the WaveRunner series of 2020 is here. Yamaha FX SVHO is ready to blow your minds. Dive right in to know all about this new water beast!

Water skiing is super fun when you have the right jet ski to cruise around and do stunts. Yamaha is here with the Yamaha FX SVHO to give you the best ride on the waves. It gushes your adrenaline and helps you experience water skiing like no other watercraft.

Yamaha FX SVHO overview

Yamaha FX SVHO belongs to the FX series of Yamaha. Just like every other vehicle under this brand, this model is making sounds in the market for its durability, stability, and perfect quality. This three-seater promises the best ride on the waves with no compromises of thrill, fun, and comfort.


The all-new Yamaha FX SVHO uses an impressive supercharged 1812cc engine that produces smooth and flexible power. The engine has gathered too much attention, and guess what the SVHO stands for? Super Vortex High Output, just like how it sounds, the engines give out higher output and work efficiently in dangerous waves.

The engine has a supercooling and air intake system and robust engine internals, making it the perfect choice for riders. It is fitted with a large hyper-flow jet pump that helps to boost the beast with instant acceleration, and the electronic fuel injection adds on to give smooth and efficient power output.

Redesigned Steering column

The FX series has redesigned its steering column to something really extraordinary. The new steering column is sleeker and has ergonomic handlebars with better control and handling. It comes with a smaller control box. The best part of the Yamaha FX SVHO design is the dual rope hooks placed at the center of the steering column for easy tie-ups at the dock or to other water vessels.

Hull & Deck

The hull of the Yamaha FX SVHO is made up of unique Yamaha’s NanoXcel2 material. The material keeps the machine light weighted and is designed to get past any wave. The material makes the machine 18% lighter than the competition.

With NanoXcel2, the design remains rigid and robust to give you the best performance in the waters. The hull and deck are precisely designed, and with the ultra-powerful engine, the machine promises top speed and instant acceleration.

Glove box

The Yamaha FX SVHO comes with the latest designed water-tight glove box. The glove box is the highlight as it comes with LED lighting inside along with a fitting area for phones, equipment, and storage. The glove box also has a USB port and 12V power outlet for phone charging or connecting for speakers.

Integrated Speakers

This is an optional feature in the Yamaha FX SVHO. You choose for it or not depending on your desire. The machine is fitted with an impressive integrated speaker that is customized for the marine audio system. It is a 4.5 inches speaker which can be connected to music or radiofrequency to contact other riders. Well, what’s a ride without music?

Adjustable Tilt steering system

The Yamaha FX SVHO comes with the fantastic feature of adjusting your steering column. There are many times riders can’t reach the handlebars or drive in discomfort due to the height. Yamaha addresses this issue with an easy and convenient adjustable tilt steering system that can be set for your riding preferences.

New infotainment Connext touchscreen

The Yamaha FX SVHO is fitted with the all-new 7-inch Connext touchscreen. The touch screen enables you to connect to audio, smartphones, GPS devices, and other electronics. It showcases all the information like fuel levels, run hours and also has inbuilt GPS maps. The rider can adjust all Driver control functions on the touchscreen and access the audio system through the control pad on the screen. The Connext display makes things easy and gears you up for the exciting ride ahead!

RiDE Technology

Just like all the other new models of Yamaha, the FX SVHO is also fitted with RiDE technology. The dual throttle control system technology makes riding fun and systematic. The right lever is used to accelerate while the left is to decelerate. Release both to reverse and dock without any hindrance. It is perfect for controlling and maintaining speed on strong waves.

Electric Trim

Unique to Yamaha jet skis, electric trim technology aids in controlling the bow on the water. The electric trim helps you adjust the angle of propeller thrust to push or lift based on the waves. It gives you easier steering of the jet ski in the water, especially when you are driving with three passengers.

Cruise Assist and No Wake Mode

Yamaha FX SVHO has two modes installed in it. The Cruise Assist in the FX SVHO helps you to cruise in a one-speed limit as long as you want. This is perfect for riding in the deep waters as you enjoy the slow ride. The second is the No Wake mode which helps you navigate through low-speed areas and maintain RPM at a precise speed at no-wake zones.

Footwell Drains

Just like other latest models, Yamaha FX SVHO also comes up with precisely designed footwell drains on either side of the water jet ski. The footwell drains help you have a dryer and a comfortable riding experience. It prevents water pooling and creates the perfect balance of the machine on the water.

Simple to use security system

Unique to the Yamaha water jet ski, the simple to use security system is perfect for locking your watercraft whenever you need it. This system uses a PIN code, and you can set and unset the security whenever you need it. It also lets you control the modes with a handy switch or the Connext touchscreen. The security system helps you when you dock in new areas.

Features of Yamaha FX SVHO:




1. How fast does Yamaha FX SVHO go?

The all new Yamaha FX SVHO does at 67 mph top speed which makes it the best in the market.

2. How much does the Yamaha FX SVHO cost?

The FX series of the brand is comparatively more affordable than other jet skis in the market. This model costs around $27,999 without any additional accessories.

3. Is Yamaha FX SVHO supercharged?

Yes, the all new Yamaha FX SVHO comes with a supercharged 1.8L Super Vortex High Output Marine engine to deliver high performance and efficient output.

Final thoughts

Yamaha FX SVHO is an amazing watercraft. Many renowned professionals refer to it for aggressive, bold, and fun rides on the waves. It is a perfect jet ski with the best modes, best-controlling systems, and super fun sounding system. Well, try out the new Yamaha FX SVHO to ride away on the gushing waves.