How Do I Stop My Go Kart From Sliding?

Having the right amount of external tire bite on the rear wheels of your go kart can be a true make or break factor that defines success vs sliding. In other words, will you drive and steer ( and turn ) along perfectly? Or will you slide? Will you fail or succeed in your effort to have a good time and keep that go kart moving uprightly? That is the question, and here today, my position is one of interest in your need ( as always, my dear friend ) , and I hope to share with you all that I can share with you…..

So first of all, thank you for being here. Your time is invaluable. Thanks for being a reader, always.

Now, then, on to the main point : use your brakes to slow up, then lock your rear and change the steering position. This little tip can help but is certainly not everything. And in many cases, you may need to do just a bit more than that. But in either case, if sliding is a constant issue with your kart, then you will want to keep a relatively slow speed or at least one that you can control with better friction, and only increase it gradually ( if you really need to ) .

If you happen to have a very narrow rear track, which can and does happen more often than you might have come to think, then the kart will slide more easily ( which is a big ‘no no’, of course ) as you brake. No matter how well you may brake, in this case, it may simply not be enough to fully stop the sliding ( though you might be able to decrease it ever so slightly ) . Once again, if the overall width on that front track is more narrow than usual, your braking will give you trouble ( even in the event that you should so happen to a good, steady grip going right in the middle of your corner turn ) . Try raising up the shaft bolts on your steering and put them closer to the shaft itself.

Also check the front bar you’re running. Is it faulty? Might it be time to put in a new one? And last but not least, of course, this next one’s a no – brainer ( but still gets over – looked, ha hah… believe it or not ) : Is the track itself oily or greasy / slippery? Wipe it.