How Do You Go Around Bends Fast In A Go Kart?

If you like to really corner those turns, and attack those bends like they are your worst enemy, then all the more power to you. Just, remembering to be safe and smart, keep in mind some of my following pointers on how to do this the most effectively. After all, like your fellow go kart driver, I want you to be successful and have some fun at the same time…..

Now first of all, you are going to need to keep in mind that you ought to just start slow and then pick up speed. Don’t blaze off into the sunset in a mere second, but let your speed, RPM and control of the turf ( and your traction ) rise gradually, as you feel comfortable. Also, keep in mind the fact that braking early here can be so crucial ( and in some drastic cases, the difference between life and death itself…. like if you are driving one of those 100 + mile per hour go karts…. should you ever be so lucky as to get a rare chance like that, of course, he he he heh he heh ) . Brake early once you start coming up to that curve.

Basically, what you want to do is to brake a bit earlier than you think that you will need to, especially when coming right on a bend. As you hit that precise turning point, let your foot a bit loose off that brake and enjoy the turn. Do not steer right away, either…. but you will want to be sure to gradually steer. Start your steer small, just a few seconds before the turn, and then increment it gradually.

Keep your wheel steady as ever, at all points of the turn. Hold the wheel right or left ( depending on whether you are making a right turn or a left turn, of course ) . Keep it right in that position as you hit the bend’s very apex. Go kart loads work like springs, some say…. hold to what you’ve got, and the more you put in, the faster and stronger the release will be.

And of course, we come to the aspect of when you can straighten that wheel back again. And to be precise, do so after passing the apex right after that turn. Straighten out… you’ll feel the grip getting stronger and both inner wheels facing forward on the track’s surface. Now, it’s time to beat the other drivers and place 1st place!