How Do You Start Off Go Karting?

So this is a great question to ask me, faithful beginner, and it sure shows that you at least have a lot of interest in learning all you can and joining your buddies on that race course someday soon. I applaud you for asking this, and just know that there is no shame in posing the question. The only dumb question, you may have heard, is that one that’s unasked. You know what I mean here, don’t you?

So thanks for your interest, and let me start by telling you that I was once standing in your very shoes ( though not literally…. that might be a little creepy, he he he he heh eh heh ) . But yes, all jokes aside, I was once there where you are now. I was the “uncool kid” in school who wanted to be like all the cool kids but simply did not even know where to frickin get started. I was that teen that had the braces, the awkward smile, and the nerdy industry knowledge of basic ( auto ) mechanics and some engineering prep work under my belt. I wanted to fit in with all the jocks who seemed to go to places like Boondock’s every weekend with their smoking hot girlfriends and drive around some really classy ( sometimes darn fast ) go karts…..

How I started ( and I suggest you can do the same, even after you’re done reading here ) was by simply soaking up all the only knowledge I could from every forum and online article space on the topic. Start by learning the brands, models and engine sizes ( like 250 cc, 400 cc, 420 cc, etc ) of popular go karts as well as which countries drive them professionally. Also make sure that you subscribe to popular go karting magazines ( like Vroomkart Inernational : Vroomkart International Karting Magazine ) . You also have Karting Sport Magazine ( ) .

I like to get my magazines in digital form, but from time to time, it’s good to break that habit and get my eyes on something nice and “hard - printed” for a change. There’s countless options for reading up on this topic. It’s up to you, and what you’d like to learn : How to swap a lawn mower engine into a go kart, how to race a go kart, age limits for go kart street racing in your state ( or if that’s even allowed where you live ) , and more.