How Do I Know If My Windshield Needs To Be Calibrated?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

I am sure you have been to places like Safelite Auto Glass ( or at least heard about them, from perhaps friends and family ) , where they can calibrate and re – calibrate your wind – shield and its camera. But the question is : How do you know when such a service might even be necessary in the first place? Good question. Let’s talk ….

So first of all, know that you’re not stupid for posing the question. Hundreds of Americans ask this every single day. They are ache – ing to know the answer. So for them, and for you, here is the answer ….

If your auto already holds advanced safety features in it ( such as the wind – shield camera itself, which needs to be calibrated and then re – calibrated, over time ) , and you notice it can no longer detect those usual crossing lane markers like before, then it might be a good idea to go to Safelite or some other similar provider just to have things checked out. They can tell you, for sure, then and there, if YES or NO on calibration. They are the experts and will know for certain when it’s time to potentially re – calibrate, too!

Now, then, keep this in mind also : If you happen to be on cruise control and your detection features likewise fail to work, once more ( especially when you are not able to detect when any cars right in front of you with motion detection, signaling and all ) , then it may also be a good time to get calibrated. The cameras in the car themselves may be just slightly ( or even drastically, he he he he he heh, to be quite frank ) out of alignment in this case, which can thus mean that they need to be adjusted by calibration. Keep in mind that the wind – shield does not ever need to be calibrated ; it is the camera(s) on it that do(es). Just so ya know ….

And also, if there is a part of the wind – shield area that bothers or hinders your line of sight ( or LOS, as some slangers prefer to call it, he he he he heh, and I will not judge ) , then it might also be a good idea to calibrate the camera(s) in that specific area. The overall purpose of this, of course, is your greater safety / visibility.

Most cars with laminated wind – shield glass do not need calibration ( and cannot have it done ) . Keep that in mind. But you can always replace the wind – shield and glass and install a new glass that can get calibrated with ease.

If you’ve got rain sensors, in rare cases, on there, it’s a good idea to re – calibrate them every so often. Just keep everything up – to – date.