Ski-Doo Knee Pads

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Protect your knees. Get some pads. Why not? If you want to get some real knee pads, the kind I like and don’t fool around on, then you need to take a look at what I am about to say to you…. First of all, thanks for sticking around, whether this is your first time here or not. Visitors of all kinds are always a – okay here with me. And I love writing topics for you guys to enjoy and really think on!

Now then, on to my main segment —- he heh, which is the fact that I wanted to come on here and show you guys some knee pads I like, really starting by talking about them. Check them out, first off — Ski-Doo New OEM, REV Gen4 Impact Absorption Easy Install Knee Pads, 860201917

They are strong for impact – absorption, which was the first thing that caught my glance, meaning they can take a fall, take a hit… all in all, take an impact, and still come out okay ( as will you, of course, he he he heh heh, the most important part of this whole thing, I would assume, being, your safety and joy ) . $82 is $82, of course, so you can’t really price – negotiate on this site, too much, like with other private sellers, at times ( maybe you can ask for a coupon via the chat online? Tell them that it is your first time shopping there? WHO KNOWS? ) . Save the SKU number, too, in case you want to look for the exact same knee pads but somewhere a little cheaper for you —- 860201917.

These are made of some very nice, paddy material…. softy and cushiony. I like. Me likey! And not only that, but you will find also that the material foaming has been made by injection – molding, a common process these days, and is truly made to last, with that said. We’re not talking cheap, plain old knee pads made out of card – board and a little glue, after all, but the real stuff they use in pro hockey pads and much else….

And if you are still with me, let me talk some more. I love to talk. Can’t you tell?

Well, then, I did want to say that they come with an external adhesive that you just peel off the main frame, so to speak. This makes things so darn easy to install and set – up, if you ask me, a very similar experience to…. well, for instance, putting on some sound – proofing on your walls ( ever done this before? They tend to use the same high – strength adhesive peeling material as here, which I always, always, ALWAYS value ) .

You get extra knee grip, too. At least, that’s what promised. SAY WHAT??? Yup…. extra knee grip, which is always nice. I think I’m ordering next Friday! Peace out…