Spark Arrestor

Here is some basic info to get us started. If you’ve ever asked what a dirt bike’s spark arrestor is or is for, then you might want to read along through the next few paragraphs where we discuss exactly that. There’s some great reading just below, so do stick around…..     

More on this type of unique product

First of all, let’s discuss what it is since you’ve waited long enough to finally find out here and now. So then, the spark arrestor is the small device on your dirt bike that stops any and all flammable debris from emitting from any combustion sources through it, and on a motorbike, that could never be a more useful thing. All in all, this prevents light-ups and explosions, preventing your small vehicle from catching flames and burning you alive, to put it most bluntly. So thank God we have spark arrestors, right?   

And did you know these small devices exist not only in dirt bikes or motorbikes, but in cars, trains, planes and more? It’s true, though they may each vary slightly in shape, size and look as a whole. I mean, can you imagine if a tiny spark arrestor --- like the one in a small dirt bike --- were used on a full-size locomotive? That, my friend, would be a recipe for chaos, and I think we can all agree…..

So just think of that small, metal screen inserting itself and remaining within the dirt bike’s tailpipe, and you’ll be thinking of our friend the dirt bike spark arrestor. And why is it inserted there, and remaining there, as you ride? Another great question that deserves its rightful answer in the next paragraph…..

Well, this small device, when properly inserted, helps your bike to not emit sparks or light flames from its exhaust you ride it along. And proper prevention of this form means life-or-death when it comes to saving the environment and preventing a forest fire. Yes, it is as serious as it sounds…..

But there is always some good news: Most modern bikes already come with a spark arrestor on them, though some may not have it and require your purchase. It all depends on any number of factors here, such as whether you got the bike new or used, from an official supplier of from a third party, and even how old the bike is. Many previous models, of course, did not even offer a spark arrestor as the concept of one was nonexistent at the time. 

And furthermore, wood burning stoves, internal combustion pumps and engines, and even fireplaces, use a spark arrestor, too. So as you can see, it’s quite an important piece to have, one that plays no less than a central role in the operation of everything --- in this case, dirt bikes. Now, then, as relates to the spark arrestor of your dirt bike, please consider the following as well……   

First of all, in most U.S. jurisdictions, having a spark arrestor is not a mere necessity but a stringent requirement, especially when you are near major highways and roads, not to mention forests or dirtlands. Considering the ease by which a forest can catch wire and spread like wild, such stringent requirements must thus be put into place. Just think about the state of California and all the crazy wildfire deaths that have been happening there, and you will get the idea here…..prior legal prevention, by all means necessary, is a must! 

But in addition --- and this fact you may find quite fascinating --- it appears the United States is currently the only major country to require a spark arrestor when driving a motorcycle or dirt bike. Is that not interesting? And who knows? Perhaps things will change in the near future, sometime soon, and other countries will begin to implement this law...only time will tell. 

More to note

And also, most would agree that having a spark arrestor on (as research has likewise concurred) will, over time, diminish the performance capabilities of the bike. Yet, I suppose safety comes before performance. Other past users of 2-stroke engine bikes have also claimed that, when they drove around at night just behind someone else who owned one of these bikes, they noticed sparks emitting from their exhaust, undeniably visible and right in front of time. This I do not doubt. Anything can happen nowadays…..   

On another point of note, if you do not personally know how to add on a spark arrestor to your bike, you can simply have one factory installed for a cost. Or, perhaps, you could “DIY teach yourself” how to do so, following all instructions, from books or YouTube videos, quite closely. Another option is to maybe purchase a bike that already has a spark arrestor installed on it, and get a warranty if you can.   

The last thoughts on this.

So when the U.S. CFR 36 261.52, otherwise more commonly referenced as the United States Code of Federal Regulations 36, section 261.52, says that you need to get a spark arrestor on your bike, then guess what? You need to get a spark arrestor on your bike, friend, as failure to do so will result in the infraction of Federal and State Laws, respectively --- which can lead to fines of upwards of $1,000 and even potentially months of prison time. The law is the law, and it’s placed over us for a reason; we must obey our authorities. 

On the last note here, if you currently didn’t know the dangers and risks imposed through riding your dirt bike or other sports bike/motorcycle without a spark arrestor, then that’s what this article has helped to open your eyes to. Update your current bikes by checking for a spark arrestor on them (pictures of these being available through a quick Google search for the words “spark arrestor”, so that you know what to look for….) or placing a new one on altogether. Now you know the facts, and now is the time to keep our roads ---- and their drivers ---- safer than ever before!