Sea-Doo Spark Oil Type

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Now in my last blog, we talked about the oil filter for the Spark, if ever so briefly – but now I want to make mention of the fact that there is something else entirely that you ALSO need to bring to mind, and that is OIL TYPE. Yes…. you likely knew there were different types, even for the Sea – Doo Spark, now, am I right? Well, I sure hope so, but either way, I am here once more to both inform and illuminate you, friend, so keep on reading and I will keep on spilling ( those juicy details, and nothing else, of course, he he he he heh…. ) ……

Now, then, I want you to assess the plain fact that you can get either original oil or synthetic oil, or even a hybrid that crosses both together into a nice unified mix. What I ALWAYS get is the fully – synthetic kind as this is what has always been shown to be the best in performance and keep the motor and engine running well the longest, not to mention keeping it at its healthiest ( the healthiest it could ever be, at least ) . This works much the same way as with cars, and other types of engine – run vehicles, like even some golf karts. Fully – synthetic blends will always cost more but they are, BY FAR, the oil type of choice. It is worth, as my mom and dad always used to say, PAYING MORE up – front for a more expensive kind of oil than PAYING MORE later for a new transmission or oil issues. Cheap quality oil will eventually —- let it be known as a fact, dear friends — take its toll on your engine, and you will suffer in different ways ( as will the quality of your riding experience, too, by the way…. take my word ) .

You want something P / N 293 600 121, per say, which is like the fully XPS type of oil and the best kind, to say the least. And it is ideal for 4 – strokers, like the Sea – Doo. Your Spark will love it and thank you for it —- I promise you that.

But as an alternative, and if you happen to have nothing else around at the moment, and no way to acquire it, you can also use some 10W 40 or even 5W 40 engine oil. Check your garage to see if some leftovers may be lying around. I used to have tons of extra containers of this stuff lying around since I had 5 cars of my own, he he he heh. But keep in mind it must be an oil that has met all API requirements and not one that has not ( yes, sadly, these types do exist too, so you must keep a careful eye out for them ) . Check the label.