Dinghy Cover

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you really want to protect your dinghy, then a dinghy cover is ideal for you — but it can be a bit hard to track down a good one ( or any, for that matter, in some places ) . So let me offer another suggestion instead, that you think about all that it takes to make one for yourself so that you can have the skill needed to procure one anytime you wish to and save on buying a cover each time. Doesn’t that sound like a plan? I know, friend, but you might be thinking it’s next to impossible or very hard to do or get it just right ….and I can show you, though. You just have to, until you get it fully down, read this blog here, which I simply called ‘Dinghy Cover’, as you can see the headline, over and over and over until you get sick of reading or your dreams get haunted by dinghies. Either way, you will have become a bit of a pro on the dinghy cover. And with that thought, off we sail…

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Dinghy Cover

My first point is that you have to start by creating the very pattern itself, for which the cover will surround the item — you have to get the right shape, size and all other aspects going. For this, you can do one of many different things, such as a used tarp ( one of my favorite choices, besides a bunch of large and unused newspapers , he he heh ) . Or why not try an old nautical chart, which many have actually deemed a great secondary use for? Hopefully you have an extra one lying around in some place nearby and can spare one, he he heh…but if not, know that you are not committing sacrilege as some would say, LoL. Walk around your dinghy carefully, a few times, and notice anything in the way of it, any holes or punctures, etc, and do your very best to capture the form of the whole thing — do so by molding your nautical chart paper ( or whatever else you did choose to use ) around its very curves. Now with that there in its place, going down lightly on the dinghy itself, you are going to want to have some tape next to you….silly me. Why did I not mention that first?

Anyway, tape here is very crucial since that is what you are going to want to use to tape down the paper material to the dinghy itself, and on that note, you can use either duct tape, masking tape, etc. One of these two is best. Pick one.

Work things over in sections as you make your way around with that marking pen ( which I should have told you to get, too, sorry ha ha hah ) . Label all parts including the bow, the port, etc.

And then remove the paper carefully. Make sure nothing shifts, did I mention that, as you tape your reverse sides. Pull all tape off.