Is The Ninebot Go Kart Street Legal?

The short answer, as I often like to give it upfront, is this : You CAN consider it to be street legal and deemed as such in the event that you should choose to register it the proper way ( by the proper means and channels as applicable in your state, city, county, etc ) as a low – speed type of vehicle. If it complies with all legal weight limitations, and holds all the required equipment and parts properly installed, as well, then you should have no problem. As you can imagine, that has been a question that a few kids, teens and yes, adults, have asked.

Keep in mind that this go kart can go up to 23 miles per hour, so it may not be the best or brightest idea to take it out on to the freeway ( unless it’s a really dang slow – moving freeway that only allows cars to go up to around 30 miles per hour, but those are extremely few and far between, when you think about it ; I only ran into one or two of those when I was in Germany ) . The minimum speed, on another note, is 5 miles per hour. So, all in all, use this go kart on the streets that are smaller and more residential intersections and stops, ideally streets with quick curbside access ( in case you need to pull over, run out of fuel, annoy the drivers behind you for whatever reason, etc ) .

They call these low – speed vehicles by their technical, more condensed term : LSV’s. These types of vehicles can often even include ATVs ( and even in some cases, bikes or dirt bikes that meet the same legal and safety requirements, of course ) . What is cool about using an LSV like this go kart on the streets is not only the fact that it draws attention to you for doing something different ( which can actually be either good or bad, when you think about it ) . But it also teaches you some life skills, like patience, not caring what other people think about you, etc.

In the event that you get pulled over by a cop, who may just be curious or ask for some information, let them know you have taken every precaution on this end and show them your paperwork registering the go kart as an LSV. And of course, be 16 or older and legally licensed to drive. DON’T do anything stupid.