Ken Miles

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Ever heard of Ken Miles? Are you British? Do you like sport – car racing?

If your answer to at least one of these is yes, or yeah, he heh, then your answer to the rest is more than likely the same. Anyways, let me tell you some things on this great legacy of a man. Ken Miles, as you may have guessed by what I just hinted right now, was a top British sports – car racer and driver, not to mention a solid engineer of such as well. He raced internationally, too.

He was born in 1918 and passed away in 1966, but is still, to today, remembered by many. He even made Hall of Fame. He has been lucky enough to race in big – time races, the likes of Formula One style championships and much else, earning himself a true reputation in the world of that sport. People would attend certain races just to see him fly through in style, kicking up the full speed and racing with the best he had to offer. He was a truly gifted navigator and always maintained control of his steering wheel, the throttle and speed, and much else. He knew when to start, when to stop, where to best turn, and so many other things that would require close calculations and yes, a bit of risk. And what was what made the whole thing fun for him…. many say he lived for the thrill of those moments, and nothing would pull him away from being behind the wheel. He lived in his car, most of the time, you could say ( only in the sense that he raced often and was constantly working on his engine and tune – ups, not that he was home – less, he he he heh…. I said he lived in his car, not out of his car, ha ha haha hah…. gotcha there….. close play on words, my friends ) .

Clarice Jarvis was his mother. Eric Miles was his father. He tried to run away from them, at some early point in his life, to find his ambitions and live an American life. His first attempt was a failed one. He tried many things early on in his career and learned much.

He even got to work for Wolseley Motors at a very early stage of his life, and there, he learned so darn much about cars and their motors. He started as a simple, plain apprentice, and got his feet wet in learning every single thing that he ever could while he was there. He even got to serve in the British Army during the times of World War II, which if you recall, were only some of the dimmest and darkest ever known to man. These moments, of course, molded him further. He would not be the man he became, more than likely, had it not been for the discipline and determination he learned while serving.