How Often Should I Flush My Outboard?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

The issue of HOW OFTEN is one that can come up when it regards flushing your very boat’s motor, its outboard, and a huge part of what keeps the entire piece of machinery running on the water. So with that said, do you think it’s important to flush it? I would say it is without a doubt. But how often, we now wonder? Well, experts say that it must be done after EVERY single time the boat has been turned on and run on those waters. To neglect to do so would be, as I might mention time and again, to neglect flushing your very own bathroom toilet after you have used it ( leaving your poor family members at the mercy of your lack of responsibility, I might add ) .

And the reason it is that crucially important, as I know I got the point across here, with this toilet scenario ( and I hope you DO flush your toilet after time you use it, he he heh, which I am sure most people do, or so we like to think….us more sane ones left in this universe ) , is because failure to do so can cause major problems for you and others, once more.

First of all, any time you hit the waters with that boat, the outboard comes into contact, in one form or another, with some of the water that comes in — duh, right? But did you also know that, whenever this water is less clear or pure, or even weighed down with some murk ( which you can easily catch in between those propellers and rudder in just two seconds, as you pass by the water ) , has some sand in it, or is even just strong in its salt water properties, that affects the motor? But the key is to flush it right after you get back to deck and have the hook - ups right there, lest you should forget to do so later. Flush it out after each use to not let any water build up and jam parts of the outboard itself, slowing its functions and even corroding through its aluminum make. YES, your outboard is likely aluminum.

And if you have taken a good chemistry or biology class in either high school or college, you will instantly recall that salt water is a great enemy of aluminum, especially when it lingers on it. DO NOT let that happen, so help you, God, while you can help it. And I am telling you all of this now so that you know the truth. The truth sets free! Now your mind is open, and what are you going to do next time after boating? FLUSH!

I will stress the matter again, just so you get a clear picture of the value of knowing this. Residual salt build - up, or any water build - up, is not good for your precious boat’s motor. So don’t let it happen. Take some action now.