Ferrari Testarossa

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

See this car in person. Google it online and feast your eyes on those web images, at least, until you are able to see it live…. eye – candy, to say the very least, and I think you will like what you see here. This car is worthy of a look. Let’s look at it closer now, ok? First of all, thanks for your reads. It means the world to me that you guys keep coming back. And more so, that you are interested in my works.

Now then, on to it! The reason we are here. I want to tell you some stuff on this car. The first thing to note is that the Ferrari Testa Rossa is a nice, rosy – red color of a car, and you might have guessed that by its name, or maybe not. It depends on how much you know of Italy and its terms, not to mention Italian cars, I guess. He he he heh. This car was neatly and beautifully assembled in the heart of Maranello, Italy, and brought out for the world to see in the early 1980’s ( think of 1984, right around when the Karate Kid came out…. ever see that movie? This car is also shown in that movie, he he he heh…. some movie trivia for ya…. why not? ) .

1996 was when these red guys stopped coming out. It was a good year and a sad year all at once, you could say. This car has a 5 – speed manual trans, as you might have known or assumed. It got replaced by a front – engine sort of vehicle later that year, by the way, none other than the ever – glorious 550, a grand tour car made in Maranello, the likes of none other at the time. It was truly a new sight to witness and a car that became the “new and better thing” after this Testa Rossa had its moment in the sun, so to speak. Yet both of the two cars have passed their glory days yet still remain remembered and cherished, and even owned, by many, all over the US and abroad.

As for body style, we are looking at a 2 – door Berlinetta sort of deal that is going on here…. picture it with me, for just a second. Take your eyes there. Close them. See the picture? Yup, she’s a beauty.

And if you want to see here, then just look here….. there’s tons of online pics depicting this nice, red buddy sports car —- Ferrari Testa Rossa - Google Search

This car has been super show - cased in all its years of existence…. it is like one show case after another, after another, after another, then after another, and you get the idea. People love to display and show this car, not only for its bright, vivid, glossy red shine but also for its slim elegant look, all in all.