Polaris RZR RS1

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

The official Polaris site calls this one a “power meets precision” sort of vehicle, and I think they could not be more correct at all. In fact, if you want to read such a statement, see it right here — 2022 Polaris RZR RS1 SxS

Now let’s talk some more ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, I would like to thank you for jumping back on here and reading another new post. I always appreciate your reads, comments, questions and all. And thanks for sharing it. Now, then, onto the page content!

110 horse – power, 64 – inch width, 13 – inch clearance … not a bad place to start. And it also has a great two – foot brake pedal you can use at any time. It makes things more convenient for the driver, when all is said and done. And not only that, but this Polaris model also likes to come with what is calls its very own sort of “Race - Hardened, quality Drive – Train” ( which I personally think kicks some butt, he he he he he heh ) . You also get a dual – fan radiator that is not a single shot short of terrific, all in all … it’s been mounted on the rear of the vehicle and looks nice there. All in all, this is a visually appealing sort of ride that I like to look at, from time to time, on pictures online ( reminds me of when I recently drove one for myself, he he he he heh … and oh, what a good time that was … maybe I can write another new page on that, sometime, he he he he heh ) .

This is a 1 – seater, so keep that in mind. But this, of course, should not “unsweeten” the deal for you … it was not a deal – breaker for many who have bought it either. In fact, it should not be so for you, my friend. It still makes for a sick ride.

Plus, you get a nice little center cockpit all to yourself, smooth and cozy, of which you are the only one in command of … so to speak. It’s a nice little feeling, when you think about it. And also, you get 21” / 21” Travel as well as a cylindrical displacement hitting 999. Whoo – hooh ….

In addition to that, this Polaris also comes with its unique Stealth Black look ( which can look a little different across models, keep in mind ) . It’s got like black and gray – green and all over it, and it comes together so perfectly. I’m a visual buyer, of course, so I say it that with 100 % confidence. For me, personally, if the colors do not line up well or at least match / blend decently, then I will not look at it further ( much less buy it ) . But here, such is not the case … I like staring at this one online.