Galvanic Isolator Boat

Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you read the headline and are a new adventurer in terms of boats and boat products, you might have already thought about changing the page or asking, “What the heck is this supposed to be talking about?” To which I would urge you to give this quick read a try. We want to help you and that is why I have dedicated a page of this site to this one right here that you looking at —- I want to tell you just a bit about galvanic isolators and what they can do and why it might even matter to you, as a new or seasoned boat lover, in the first place. Read through this whole page and you might find yourself feeling a sense of accomplishment in having learned a bit on a new topic you likely had no darn idea about, deal? At the very least, I hope to use some of my humor along the way to keep you engaged and reading…’s a gift of mine….

Galvanic Isolator Boat

On to it, then. The topic. So first of all, the purpose of this device here, all in all, and among other things, is to keep the metal parts of your boat from corroding too soon …. And it will do the best job that it can to prevent this from happening as much as possible. We are talking about not just any of the metal parts but mainly the ones you never really get to see or think about ( which, when you think about it, really do require the very best of maintenance as does the rest of your boat, right? But it’s easy to forget that these parts need some attention, too, or that they are even there, no? And that is sometimes the tricky part of it all ) . The shaft, your boat’s propeller, every hull involved, these all matter, and that is what a galvanic isolator is for. How does it work, you might ask?

Well, he heh …. You know that shore power ground wire ( I am sure you may have at least heard of the term once or twice before, you can pull out your boat’s manual and guide if you are not sure which or where it is ) ? Well, it takes in all DC currents, mainly those with a very low voltage or input / output while also assisting the corrosion process, which is no bueno. But, however, a galvanic isolator will isolate the currents, in a sense, and thus keep them from even coming on board or in contact with your boat ….to put it most plainly. Hence the cool name. The isolator that isolates currents!

And this type of product, you will usually find, comes with 4 types of diodes built right in and ready to rock. What’d you think? Learn something new here? Or did I at least remind you to check your boat’s underwater parts and keep them up to speed? Hope you liked it.