Do You Need A Special Oil Filter For Synthetic Oil?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

Do you need a special oil - filter for synthetic oil? What a terrific question … did it come from you? I hope so. Maybe that’s why you landed here and are reading viciously to find out the answer …. he he heh .

Not to worry — I will address it. I thank you for being a reader here. And now, let’s talk about it so that you can have your answer, my friend ….

Now first of all, I would just like to make this fact known to you ( if it’s not crystal – clear in your mind already, of course, he he he heh heh ) : There DOES exist a synthetic oil – filter, and many kinds of auto brand parts makers make their own version of it. Some work better than others. Now, do you absolutely NEED one when you use synthetic oil? Well, the generally respected answer is no. You absolutely do not need it.

But can it help you to have one in? Yes it can. And here is some more to consider, on that very note : There are certain advantages to having a synthetic oil – filter to go along with your synthetic oil. Small contaminates, for one, tend to get better trapped in the filter, as such, than they would with just a regular kind of filter ; make a note of that. And in addition to that, they trap them better for longer periods , too. And if you want a really well – known synthetic filter that does the job better than many others, try the Premium Guard Extended Life one that PG makes. It’s proven to give the full 10,000 mile protection ( which is the set industry interval in which you ought to change your automobile’s oil – filter, by the way …. like, as in, every 10,000 miles, max. ) as well as get 98% efficiency in filtering out all pollutants, particles, contaminants, debris and more.

Now when it comes to engine – wear particles ( like those within a range of 5 to 20 microns, respectively ) , the more of these that your filter manages to trap, the better your car’s engine will run. And any high – efficiency synthetic oil – filter, like the one I just introduced you to, can trap even the smallest of these with the greatest ease. That’s effective. And you get better engine performance at each and every single mileage interval …. you win, your car wins, and everyone is happy in the end. Right? Right. I concur ….

Now whether you are using conventional oil, synthetic oil or even just a blend of the two, like I said, you can use any filter. But what is RECOMMENDED and IDEAL, once more, is a filter that matches the type of oil ( recommended, meaning optional, yet suggested for better effectiveness ) . Ask your local auto shop for more.