Sea-Doo Spark Hydro Turf

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

I am always on top of things, all in all, but not to brag….. including my knowledge of all things Sea – Doo Spark jet skis, this time wanting to share with you a brief glimpse of all I know…. ON HYDRO TURF MATS, specifically for your Spark. Got a Spark? Then let’s talk.

So first of all, if I can ever point you out to a specific item model that I REALLY drool over, you know that I will ; and in this case, it happens to be this one —- take a look…. Hydro-Turf Mats for SEA-DOO Spark (14-17) 3 Seater: Automotive

The hydro turf mats seen here are vicious, a true animal beast of a product if I could ever say so myself, he he he heh. They come in a nice sort of black – and – white design with an elegant yet simplistic look that tells you just about everything from just looking at them…. no, really. I mean, I looked and I was sold. True story. I knew they had to be mine, and I have been buying ever since that first ‘look at them’. See them on the link? They are sharp, strong, and made of quality, just as you see there….. no cheap crap items.

Only the good stuff…. my advice? Pay the full $91 appx. And get them ordered to your door within a week. Get a free trial of Amazon Prime so that you can get free shipping as well ( and the product gets shipped out fast to you, believe me when I SAY THAT, in fact, in 2 days or less you can have it lying at the very door – step…. that is how fast this Prime service really is, but anyhow… ) .

These mats are made by the brand that holds the same name —- you guessed it, guys — Hydro – Turf. And this brand is top notch, if you ask many. It’s worth getting from them.

But of course, variety is key to everything and I can, in this case, point you to not just one item I look —- but have a look at another, too, this one —- Sea-Doo Spark 3-Up Hydro-Turf (2014 - 2021)

They make a solid hydro turf traction mat, too. It literally weighs 0 lbs, as listed online, he he he heh. Which means you can easily pick it up and drag it around and move it to where you need it. It’s a little pricier, but in my opinion, worth it. The quality and design are all there. If you want something good, anyways, you gotta pay up.

I also like the many, many different colors this mat can come in, all to give you some fresh looks as you ride out. Fill your head with ideas on what color you’d like to ride in next. Why not ride in style? Race your friends, too!