Coil Spring Compressor

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Let us look at a coil spring compressor that I like. And if time permits ( as well as room on this page, he he he heh ) , then I can share another. And then, perhaps another. But we’ll see how things progress. Anyways, thanks for coming back, and I hope you like this blog page just as much as some of the others you have checked out from me. Here we are once more, readers…. now, let’s have some fun and learn a thing or two!

First of all, I like this product —- [OTC Carbon Steel, Front Coil Spring Compressor - 2TVK4 7045B - Grainger](!2966!3!496359975307!!!g!438966557465!&gucid=N:N:PS:Paid:GGL:CSM-2295:4P7A1P:20501231&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjuXf7cyS8gIVempvBB0Nmw0BEAQYASABEgJxRvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds)

Do not be dazzled by the $245+ ask price on it. It is worth the cost as I am about to explain. It is a sturdy product that is not like the very cheap, every day, basic type of a coil spring compressor…. it is something more solid you can get when you have a little more to spend and like to factor in quality. I recommend it in every sense as it not only made of carbon steel but done so right here ( yup, in the USA, heh eh heh heh heh ) .

It includes all the ID plates you will need. Now is that not convenient? Of course it is. But wait…. there is another one that I would like to take a sec to share, and it’s here : Coil Spring Compressor 6600 Lbs Auto Strut Hydraulic Tool – Vevor US

This powerful one is just $125. Got $125? Get it. Trust me that you will love the way it can work as it is super flexible with its positioning ; and not only that, but it also the easiest kind that you can ever use. And the lever on it, the central one above the small one below, moves up and down with the best of ease…. no hard process, no getting stuck, no real ‘rocket science’ to figure out either. It is all a simple breeze on a light, sunny day, as we like to say around here in Colorado ( where, yes, it does get cold in the summer – time, but that is another story, he he he heh ) . Now let me tell you a bit more, while I have your eyes here ( reading, of course ) …..

Another great coil spring compressor lives right here : Buy Suspension Tools

The one you see, by Bosch, listed up top at the very center of this page…. let’s talk on it, shall we? I love to talk. You know….

He heh. Anyways, this one here is a beauty as well and is likewise USA – produced. Yay. Supporting our economy. It rates 4.7 stars. It works on multiple cars and is easily used. No hard processed either. Got $235 to spend? Get this one. Worth it!

Thanks again, guys!