What Size Bolts To Mount Go Kart Engine

This question falls back to what type of engine you have. For instance, if you have a 250 cc engine one, then you can get up like 150 miles per hour ( and thus need very specific, quality installed ones for that ) : that’s “wind in your hair” type of speed, if you think about it. Let us say, for instance, that you own an AZUSA race kart with a Predator 212 engine inside of it… fair enough, right? Then, what kind of bolts should you even look at getting for it? Well, you will need 4 base bolts here for this one, each at 1 & 3 /4 inches in length ( for a total of 5 / 16 inches in diameters, respectively ) .

Get fine thread or coarse thread bolts, if you can, ones with locks or nuts of no less than grade 5 quality…. you know, the good kind. Get ones that can slick well all the way around. You will find the brake inside the frame when you install, and good quality size of bolts is everything to help this all go more smoothly at the end of the day. 5 / 16 - 18 x 1 & 1 / 2 inch bolts can also work exceptionally, as well, in this case.

In any case, if you are ever unsure on the right size, then what you ought to do is go online and look for a motor mount bolt kit that meets the right model and type of your go kart engine. Start by finding out what kind of engine you have on it ( for ex., did it come with the original engine of the brand model? Or did someone swap it out for a different, which it now holds, etc? ) . Then, from there, type in “motor mount bolt kit” on Amazon or somewhere like that, and look by specific motor size ( like 50 cc, 70 cc, 90 cc, 100 cc, 110 cc, 125 cc, 135 cc, 150 cc, etc…. which, by the way, this product suits all such engine sizes perfectly and is on sale right now : Motor Mount Bolt Kit - 50cc-150cc (vmcchineseparts.com) ) .

You can also measure the original bolts for yourself, if you are swapping out for new ones. Or you could measure out those on another go kart of the same engine size ( or if your buddy owns one, let him loan it to you so you can get your measurements that way ) .