Sodi LR5

An unforgettable go kart driving experience for either a rookie or a veteran child karter, the LR5 is perfect for when you should choose to let your child drive in perfect safety all while not hindering their fun at the same time …. you, like a good parent, want them to be both safe and still having the time of their lives, am I right? Of course, we do ( and I say ‘we’ because I am a parent as well, he he he he heh ) ….

Now I would like to make known to you that the ergo – friendly steering wheel is designed just for your child and their needs. It is easily gripped and firm, sturdy, but also gentle … it’s got some nice, gray and silver – like colors and in the middle, nice, black rubber that is easy to the touch. It’s perfect for a child to bang on, play around with and more …. yes, it is even designed for somewhat more ‘impatient’ little kids to be able to bump, smack or bruise, all without wearing out ( or hurting the child, of course ) .

The nice, suave gentle silver bars that connect from the steering wheel and fall back into the central base portion right around the driver’s area are also quite nice to look at ( not to mention nicely put together ) … they are well bolted and secured, but also loose and flexibly connected enough so that it’s comfortable. Your kid can move this around ever so, just to get a bit more leg room, to move their tired arms around more comfortably in, and so much more.

They say that practice makes perfect, and this go kart, as such, might be one of the best ones to start with …. make it your kid’s first one ( and take them off those computer games, for a change, and bring them to the great outdoors for some fun go karting, he he he he heh ) . It also weighs about just 124 ( kilograms ) , which is not terribly heavy or painful to lift around and drag, at the end of the day. It’s light and fun.

If you want to use it a a leisure kart ( or if your young one does, I should say ) , then think on having a quick look at the online CIK - FIA recommendations and local ordinances you can find. Also make sure to check out any FFSA technical rules in your area and see how they might apply. This great tri – colored ( red, yellow and black, like a nice little rattle snake …. hiss, hiss, hiss …. ) go kart is waiting for you to buy it.

It has your name somewhere on it, I’m sure, and it will change your kid’s life for the better. For one, they’ll appreciate go karting more. And two, they’ll learn to “drive” at an early age ….