Sea-Doo Spark iBR Kit

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

An IBR kit just for your Sea – Doo Spark : Neat, you think? Heck yeah! I would agree and concur. Save on cost. Get great value. That’s my advice.

Now then, with that said, let me point out one —- like this one….. New 2021 Sea-Doo Spark 2up 90 hp iBR + Convenience Package Watercraft in Clearwater, FL - Stock Number: 2021 SEA DOO SPARK 2UP 90 HP IBR

You can get it in a nice manta green with a nice blue touch to it. I would say it looks sparkling, truly dazzling, especially on water. And what else makes me admire getting one? Well, I would say that, as far as reducing your Spark’s overall weight is concerned, this one easily makes it happen and tops many others out there…. by a long haul, in fact. It is one of the best at doing that, which is all so useful to me. It is useful, for instance, for when I wish to perform at peak levels, better turn and accelerate, avoid drag, lift and tow, load and unload and do so much more stuff. Having a lighter jet ski, all in all, is a huge plus in my book! I concur. To add, some scratch – resistant, color – in molding on this item really helps as a side benefit, even more, perhaps, than typical fiber – glass can, in this case. After all, who would not want to have a jet ski that is, as a result, more resistant to scratches and dings? You would have to be crazy not to want that, he he heh.

It’s made of polytec, too, by the way, so you can’t beat that. And let me stop you for just another minute…. if you, by the way, are still scratching your head to ask what IBR even is, I should tell you now. IBR stands for INTELLIGENT BRAKE AND REVERSE, a modern system included in many new jet skis these days, and the Sea – Doo ones boast of their ability to feature it, something to truly be proud of in holstering the latest tech.

On this IBR kit or package, you also get a nice, slim seat you can easily sit on and move your butt around in, he heh. It’s nice to know this product has got your back ( or should I say butt ) . Very cool.

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