Sea-Doo Spark Not Starting

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Uh – oh….. problems starting up your Spark again? Well, at least, thank God it’s not your car ( engine start – up problems can be such a pain in the neck, whether that engine be a car or a water – craft or a motor – bike, or heck, anything else, he heh… a problem is a problem ) . Either way, there is nothing as annoying as taking your new Spark out on the water, prepared for 2 hours of free, open – water riding fun, only to then find out that the dang thing will not start. You kick it ( as they do in the movies, which never really works anyways, but helps you get some frustration off your chest, he he he heh ) , only to find that this does absolutely nothing. So what do you do?

Let me begin…..

First of all, diagnose how bad the situation is —- is it not starting at all, or does it start and then shut off, or does it start after the 2nd crank or attempt, for instance? All these little details really make the difference here, which is the reason I am asking you to be observant and notice what SPECIFICALLY the Spark is doing to you. Now, assuming that it is just, flat – out, NOT STARTING AT ALL, then consider this, folks :