Jet Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

A jet go kart? Now you want to know about a jet go kart? I knew that day would come, too! Finally!!!!

Let us chat….

So, let me be the first to welcome your interest —- few out there have even been able to make one of these, and the fact that it interests you at all, makes me very glad…. I thought I was the only one. But now I know that there are others looking into this. So, all in all, can this be done? Yes it can!

Get a basic garden - style go kart, if you do not have one with you at this time. Strip off everything because you are going to use it… and by everything, YES, everything! Take the piston, the engine, the running gear, etc. Get a turbo engine jet, RC - sized being just the right kind, for this process. You are then going to mount up that turbo jet on a bracket but try not for just any…. rather, a nice ( and this is just a suggestion, yet a great one ) one made of elegant, shiny brass or aluminum ( for visual appeal, later on, he he he heh ) . You will then want to weld that whole thing together on to the back of the go kart…. so if you do not know how to weld, as sadly, so many tech - minded and even laborial experts do now know how to do these days, then take some welding classes or a local work - shop intro on welding when you can…. it usually does not cost much and you can get yourself certified to do this, as well ( if you are really serious, even going to welding school for a few weeks, a place that’s accredited and publicly licensed to teach can cost you at least a few hundred $, so you decide if you can make the commitment, of course ) .

Use an electric controller ( likely online is the best way to find one ) with which to then hook things up together, making sure, of course, that the throttle itself is always what is being led by the transmitter ( RC ) and not the other way around. I made that mistake as a newbie and do not want you to do the very same thing as I did, ha hah. How thoughtful of me, eh? Got your back. But anyways, make sure that when you go over bumps while on the finished go kart, you may run into some air fuel line intake issues, like air getting in, mostly. This has been common among the few people who have managed to make this go kart, so it’s a problem you may likely just have to deal with. And repair, maintain, and re - use!

Now you know, my very good old readers, that you CAN make a jet - go kart if you really want to. It’s rare. But it can be done.