Sodi RX8

If you want to go with a versatile go kart this time around, one that looks stunning in any setting …. and well – colored ( red, yellow, green, black and white mixed in ) , then the Sodikart ( aka Sodi, he he he heh heh, for those who like the slang name ) RX8 might be the one you should go for. It’s a 1 – seater go kart that puts you right in the center of the fun …. it’s beyond comfortable to be riding in it as you coast along and beat those other racers. The seat on it is an elegant, comfortable black, alloy – like interior one that is comfortable to sit on for hours …. it is soft and cozy. It will not make your butt hurt if you are sitting on it for a full day, for instance, which is always a nice feature to think about.

In addition to that, the RX lineup here is a superb addition to Sodikart and takes it to a whole new level in terms of high – tech. One such innovation it now includes ( and in this model, too, of course, no less, he he he he he heh ) is what they like to call PROSLIDE, basically a patented all – around feature that covers the entire exterior – interior of the vehicle in high – density plastic. It gives a good shock absorption like never before and can truly “bumper protect” you in a sense from any collision with another racer or the walls of the track.

Speaking of which, the front bumper here is a hard plastic shell – like structure, and so is the back ( but the front is even tougher, he he he heh …. so watch out for getting rear – ended by anyone, which can alarm you just a bit more ) . The entire sides are covered by this similar structure, and what you get, at the end of the day, is good collision protection. If you also like having split pedals, then this go kart model is your guy ( or gal, he heh ) since it splits the accelerator and the brake by a sort of island that runs down the middle and covers them, like a wall – like central barrier structure that includes nice, elegant logos in black across the center of a white gloss. It’s a nice red, black and white sort of design on it, which looks superb when you’re riding around and showing it all off …. yes, in cases like these, it’s okay to flaunt a little, he he he he heh.

In addition to that, here, you can also have easy pressing and releasing with your two pedals … simpler and more comfortable than ever before. It’s a quick – press, quick – release kind of system here. It doesn’t require much hard pressing or effort, which is also nice at the end of the day. And it gives you a sense of style, all in all.