What’S The Best Spark Plug For Performance?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

The award for the “best - performance spark – plug”, at least according to countless sites ( like even Forbes itself ) would have to go to the one and only, truly amazing E3.54 E3 Premium Automotive Spark Plugs ( which you can find here : Amazon.com: E3.54 E3 Premium Automotive Spark Plugs 8-PACK : Automotive. So far, Amazon has been the cheapest place that I could find these, of all the other places I looked, and the mere fact that they let you get a whole pack of 8 for just $50 is practically a steal in itself ( in a good way … with prices that low, this product is practically selling itself, he he he he heh ) . What you will notice here is that this spark plug has over 200, 4- and 5- star ratings on this site alone ; and that of those who rated it here on Amazon, many answered countless “product questions” that other potential buyers had in only the most positive of manners.

This means that those who reviewed the product, plus answered the many product questions about it, were truly pleased with what they got ( and felt that, above all else, their money went to where it should have gone, at the end of the day ) . That’s always a positive sign, and if nothing else, sure tells you that these tapered – seat spark – plugs kick some butt. The reach plug on it, you will find, is 0.708 inches ; and the thread diameter is 14 mm overall ( not bad, eh? ) ….

Plus in addition to all that, get this — you get a 5 / 8 inch resistor hex on it, all included with your purchase. You can’t adjust the fixed gap on it, with this particular product, so just keep that in mind, friend. The overall dimensions are ‎9.53 x 3.86 x 1.06 inches. And E3 SPARK PLUGS is the name of the brand ( so easy to remember, right? He he he he heh he heh ) that makes this product. If you get this spark – plug with its warranty ( sold on Amazon, as an optional add – on, too ) , it can cover it for up to 5 years or 100,000 miles of usage. Solid.

It can fit literally countless types of engines as well, so you just have to browse online to see if it ought to work with your model of car. In many cases, it should be able to. It’s also easily adjustable and quite flexible ( yet rigid, for strength and durability ) . It gives the most long – lasting performance to any car it can work with. They give you much more torque, at the end of the day ( and you will quickly notice the difference ) as well as greater “cold start” smoothness overall. So buy some now!