Why Does My Go Kart Starter Turn But Not The Engine

Start by checking your on / off remote control switch before you even attempt to do all else I am about to share : let this be your starting point. It could just be a quick and simple little error on that. Maybe you had it turned over to the wrong position. If that fails, then think about doing the following next….

Is the unit cleared? If not, clear it. Is the tether cord properly connected? If not, push it gently in all the way ( but do not force it forward if it gives you trouble or will not budge ) . You will usually find that tether kill switch right at the back.

So you’ve applied the brakes and turned your key to “on”, but it’s still turning but not actually starting. What else can you try? Well….

Take out the spark plug. Ground your hex shoulder ; remove all fuel from the ignition source, and don’t let any gas even near it as you do so ( for obvious safety reasons ) . Crank your engine…. turn your key once more now and notice a possible blue spark by your plug gap region. If it sparks nice and hot, then start checking for that gas flow.

At this point, you will want to then separate your carburetor and fuel line ; if your line size shows itself to be at full stream, then you’ll notice the fuel still flows freely ( which means that the problem is actually within your carburetor instead ) . But if the gas does not flow so freely ( or at all, even ) , then take out the gas cap and quickly notice what might happen next : If the flow improves significantly, which should usually be the case here, then what you will want to do then is to simply just drill in a 1 / 16 inch hole at the top of the cap. This helps things to vent as they should.

NOTE : If things still do not improve after you have taken out that gas cap, then your gas tank – fuel line shutoff could actually be the problem instead. Make sure nothing is in the way of your fuel line. No kids toys got jammed up there, right? He heh. I know this was once the problem for me …. my little one had put a Happy Meal dinosaur toy way up there, once, and I did not even know he was playing around in the garage…. true story.