Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

If you’ve been hitting the waters at all these days, and now more so than when the cold months had hit, and since things really are re – opening like never before (toot toot, I toot my horn to the smell of a new era, with the coming defeat of all covid – 19, ha ha ha hah ) , then you have probably checked out —- and heck, maybe even bought —- your own Sea – Doo. And who could blame you for it? Not me, I dare say! I, for one, would be jealous, and would encourage anyone to go check them out. These watercraft are amazing and truly keep my family happy when we go out to the rivers on the weekends. This last weekend, everything re – opened in my area, and I must say, there is no single word to express the look of joy on the faces of my wife and kids ( and myself, he he he heh ) .

Now, these bad boy beasts have a strong motor and great settings, and yes, they can do up to 50 mph ( though that is pretty darn fast when cruising through open water, and you can easily feel the wind across your hair as it blows right through, he heh ) ; and on that note, most people only rev it up to the usual 40, and that’s still not bad at all. Pretty fast, too, to say the least. But there…. mystery solved, for those who did want to know. Try that top speed this next weekend and see how you like it, and if it’s too fast, as it tends to be for some, then always know that you can leave it at 35 mph and no one will think less of you, I promise.

The engine on these, in case you were itching to know as well, tends to be a 90 h.p. one and not for the faint of heart. It’s packed, to say the least. And a Rotax® 900 ACETM - 90 engine, to be more exact, is what typically is used for these models. That is what helps get things to that 50 mph top speed so much desired by some, not to mention it all equating to or standing at 80 km / h as well, the equivalent of 50 mph, of course.

Quetzal, Green, Red or Black — take your joyous pick, as these watercraft feature themselves in different colors to pick from. I have a nice Black one that I like to share only with my wife, that special someone who takes part in all my crazy ventures, he he he heh. Anyways, happy cruising, and we hope you will take some time off this weekend to go and find your destiny, off by the crystal blue waters ( rivers or oceans, he he he heh, depending on wherever the heck you reside, my friend ).