How fast is a 500cc go-kart?

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You might want to know how fast this is, and I am not going to stop your question from coming to an answer. In fact, I am going to be the one to provide it. So bear with me, stick with me, and we are going to have some fun as you guys read more on this page….. so have at it!

And first of all, I say this —- almost 60 MPH is what we are looking at here, for these go kart buggies. That is, for a buggy, pretty fast as well…. that is usually like at the very peak of their max speed, I might add. They have been built this way, and to not really surpass that top speed. They are, after all, buggy go karts. And we love them.

What is REALLY cool, though, about these special go karts ( and I never get to talk to you guys about these 500 cc ones at all, so please listen up because I do not know when I will ever get to do the same again, on these specifically, he he he he heh ) is the very fact that they can even hold UP TO 500 LBS. Yes, any type of cargo with this 500 - max weight, they can hold. So just remember it like this — 500 cc, 500 lbs. And you should be all good when remembering it. He he he heh. Now, then, there are also some things to get off my mind, and I want you to be able to know them, too, so keep reading as I’ve got more here to tell….

The next main point here would be the fact that certain places, like YouTube, as my top pick, let you see what one of these 500 cc bad boys looks like in action… speed and all ( take, for example, these two video clips, to get your mouth watering over with excitement… and I am sure that if you dig around, you can find even more great ones on YouTube:

500cc Camaro is Finished! Bring on the Go Kart Madness! - YouTube:

First Test Drive! 500cc Off-Road Go Kart - YouTube:

So I hope you did take the time to combe through those two clips and were hungry to look at some more. Two clips like these are just the frosting on the cake, as some people like to say, as the web is quite literally riddled with so much more similar content out there…. just need to know to look ( and where, he heh…. but YouTube, for me, is the # 1 go - to place ) .

Keep in mind that these 500 cc buggy go karts can be quite an investment, all things considered. And you can get a cheaper, 200 cc go kart, for instance, that can go even faster, too.