How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

Author : Efrain Silva

Did you know that your engine’s very life itself gives much credit for its well - being to none other than the very type of air filter it uses? Indeed, so that is why a good air filter on your dirt bike is not out of the question as a basic need. In fact, all the more, the better you take care of it, the better you are truly investing in your engine itself, at the end of the day. And we all want our dirt bikes to last as long as they can, don’t we? I know I do!

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

How to Clean Dirt Bike Air Filter

Now, first thing’s first. This filter is known to block anything bad coming into your air intake as it sucks air right in while you are riding and not even thinking about it — heh hehe. Been there. With that, I know that I have often made the crucial mistake of not remembering to check and change this filter from time to time (and, at first, when I had my first dirt bike, the mistake of not even knowing it had an air filter and that it needed to be swapped out —- he he heh). If you are like me, in that case, you will want to pay attention to the other bits of wisdom I am about to share with you.

Of course, you may be wondering where in the heck this air filter even is (as I was, at first) — it’s easy. Don’t worry. It’s usually located right under the central seat you’ve been sitting on, right under you the whole time! And it may either be a foam type of filter or, in some cases, a paper one (such as what K&N is known to sell in such good measure).

Special Cleaning Solvent …

Only use a special cleaning solvent for this, in addition to water, of course….but nothing else other than these two compounds, if you care about your bike (trust me here when I say this). Bike stores and online retailers sell them. Look up a good one you are willing to spend some money on. Wash this filter the way the cavemen did it (by hand, he he heh) ; but, of course, use some gloves (protects your hands from catching the filth and toxins during the process).

You may also choose to go with a nice filter cleaner to help the whole process run a whole lot more smoothly, and for that, I might just recommend you check out the maintenance kit that No Toil (yes, ha ha, that is, in fact, the name of this brand) offers. Or you can also have a quick look at the ones made by Maxima. Both of these brands are experts.

And when it comes to easier installations, you might also want to give thought to getting a nice air filter bolt. It can’t hurt to check one out on Amazon, can it? With that said, clean carefully, oil things out, and watch plenty of YouTube videos if it’s your first time!