Yamaha VX Limited HO

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What is the one name that amalgamates style, force, and speed like a master? In case you are thinking about the Yamaha VX Limited HO, congrats! You hit the nail on the head.

The supercool Jet ski has made tow sports encounters so great. Not only for its attractive design and splashy colors, but the VX Limited HO model has additionally got such astonishing elements that it merits each penny. Tow sports and riding are more enjoyable and accessible than any other time.

In any case, prior to jumping on your stream ski, it is wiser to take a gander at all the particulars of it.

How about we know the stunning provisions it has to bring to the table for us.

Yamaha VX Limited HO: An overview

This PWC is definitely one of the best products available in the market. Starting from its engine to its other fantastic specs and looks, it has nailed every single aspect. However, this product also has its cons that might be negligible. Hence, this segment is intended to review the Yamaha VX Limited HO for better insight.


This watercraft has been anticipated the most for its incredible engine. Among all the vehicles of the VX series, this one comes with the most astonishing features. And likewise, the engine here has been improved more than the rest in the list. This PWC comes equipped with a four-cylinder, 1812cc Yamaha engine. The engine is so lightweight that it provides even more agility to the vehicle. Moreover, it is indeed a High Output engine (HO). It provides you with a smooth ride with minimum effort. Along with it, the 155 mm high-pressure jet pump gives you the largest water displacement whatsoever.

Hull and Deck:

One more laudable component of the Yamaha VX Limited is its Hull and deck plan. Like most other Yamaha models, this one has additionally worked on the plans for greater security ready. The noteworthy ergonomically planned deck comes furnished with self-draining footwells. Likewise, the knee grip while sitting expands the convenience level to its best.

The Hull likewise replaces pride here. Its further developed V-shape keel, softer bow chines, and hull strakes give you the most secure and stable ride. Additionally, the lightweight NanoXcel has reduced the weight by a 25% rate. Hence the vehicle is even more agile and faster than before. So you might partake in a light sporting ride with these wave sprinters, even in waves.

Multi-Mount System:

This element of the Yamaha hat is presumably the most expected one. The producers have added the multi-mount framework to the PWC for a perfect ride. With this framework, you can get to various extras like factory-installed Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers, GPS Fish Finder, and many more. Fundamentally, the makers have remembered the amusement factor and have acquainted this unbelievable component with the market.


The Yamaha VX Limited HO, like its predecessor, has similarly fused the comfort factor here. This model has familiarized us with lovely and ergonomically arranged seating. Try not to stress over the seating limit since it is vast enough for a presentation ride. To be sure, even the seat is adequately tremendous to assist a ride with two passengers. Besides, the theater-style seat is intentionally intended to give you an incomparable convenience. Likewise, the isolated seating plan demands praise.

LCD Screen:

The VX Limited HO comes equipped with a 4.3 inches Connext Screen with many functions like DRIVE Control, PIN code security system, and many more. This large LCD panel can be controlled from the touchpad mounted next to the steering.


One minor yet critical issue that each rider would confront is that of being wet ready. The issue arises even more when you have any electronic gadget with you. All in all, what’s the way out?

Well, name it, and the way is before you. The VX Limited HO is outfitted with a sufficient capacity area or storage area that is adequate to guard a portion of your things ready. The enormous region under the seat is sufficient for you to fit a towel, some dry dress, and some more fundamental things. Furthermore, the vehicle gives itself a profound glove box and a watertight case to secure your cell phone, camera, and other electronic stuff. Aren’t you intrigued?




How fast is the Yamaha VX limited HO?

As the Yamaha VX Limited HO is under the category of recreational watercraft, you can expect a good pace and excellent acceleration from it. It can go as fast as 53.1 mph at 8100 rpm. The grace of its excellent engine accomplishes all.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha VX Limited have?

The Yamaha VX Limited has a 180 HP engine to offer us.

Is the Yamaha VX Limited HO supercharged?

The simple answer to this question will be no. This vehicle, like all other VX models, does not come with a supercharged engine.

Final thoughts:

Like all other products in the market, this one also has some cons. However, considering the extra components of the Yamaha VX Limited HO model contrasted with all the other models of this series, the present adaptation is so far incredible.

What differentiates it from the rest is its super lightweight plan. It’s 25% lightweight than the previous and more grounded.

So, if you love riding through water and brutal waves, you ought to get your hands on the Yamaha VX Limited HO.