Sea-Doo Spark Wakeboard

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

The Sea – Doo company will not just sell you a water – craft but will try for just a bit more…. he heh, they are a business, like I said, but some can get sneakier than others…. so watch your costs. They can try to get you to buy other accessories, like wrapping, mods, and yes, even a nice wake board to go along with it. And when you have got a fancy jet ski like the Spark, one of the best kind out there, then you can’t help but go all in…. and spend, spend, spend! You want your water experience, after all, to only be the best that it can! THAT is why I recommend saying yes to the wake board, once you can squeeze out a little extra hole in your budget….. make room.

Now, then, let me tell you some stuff and spill those beans! First of all, let it be known that I personally LOVE ( and so does my wife, who actually happens to be using it far more than I do…. it’s hers, anyways, and not mine, he he he heh ) this one right here —- O’Brien Spark Wakeboard - Womens 2021 (

And even though it is ‘labeled’, or publicly marketed, as a womens’ type of wake board, guys can still use it, too, every now and again. The couple of times that I tried it out, I handed it back to my lady and said, “Approved”. It’s a sweet one. Now let me tell you some more on why I thought it was worth the full spend…..

First off, it’s made by a brand that gives a shit about what it does, not to mention what it sells, a really good frickin’ place to start if you ask me. O ‘Brien specializes in these wake boards and makes them as if their life depends on it ( well, their business does, so…. ) . The channels on this bad boy are shaped into a sort of chevron and you can easily tell — catchy and helpful, to say the very least. Not only that, but further more, you can tell that these have been molded right into both the board’s tip and tail, respectively, which also means to tell you that you get faster edging, less drag, and all in all, cleaner ‘wake releasing’ ( right off that wake, if you know what I am talking about here ) .

It employs what it calls Delta Base tech, which is some of the best technology out there. And also, it’s got a full, 3 – stage rocker line that kicks butt as it takes names. You get a nice little step – down rail with it, too, all helping to make the transition into or out of the water a whole lot more smooth. And who doesn’t like smooth?